who’s Fooling who

surprise!!! you’re fooling yourself …

march 26th to april 1st | 2012

scenario, yo
today is the day of fools. fooling everybody or just fooling yourself. fooling around or fooling about. practically everyone enjoys a joke. humor is a sign of intelligence. associating with like minded people will always make you laugh. laughing with someone who gets it. reading something and laughing. funny people make me smile.

mixology psychology
my philosophy is to hang with your type of people. stop fooling yourself and assume they are who or what you want. there is more to people than just being human. being humane, being humorous or being insane. just be yourself. who you spend time with defines you. remember you’re not fooling us – only yourself.

weekly update
we have another friday dinner date to review. the wine component hasn’t been uncorked yet. we added travel and recipes to the pages. this summer we will take a few short road trips. talked to a few travel agencies about long distance road trips in the future. recipes will feature bbq, family favorites renewed and ideas from the bar. anti-bully webisode coming soon.

how do you make money blogging? first off blogging is a loose term associated with the social media aspect of marketing. blog software now handles most web sites. cms [content management system] cnn, bloomberg, orange, bbc … all use blog software. blog stories are used to support your main business model. from family to fitness folks – we all use blogs to get the message out. blogs are our form of advertising for free. if you like our message than maybe you will buy into what we are selling. subscriptions and readership will bring in advertising dollars and sponsorships. so, if you have a business and want free marketing – start blogging. [click]

blogging & bullying – getting public messages to the masses. generating awareness campaigns. promoting goodwill with health & fitness. blogging does it all.

pinterest – $200 million valuation, $45 million annual revenue, 10 million registered users. all from a site that simply has people pinning pictures and sharing.

alberta has a cat fight. two major parties are lead by a couple gals. we all know how petty gals can be when fighting over a guy. so, replace guy with a province.  we’re not accepting the excuse of ‘we are women, we are allowed to … ‘ you are trying to get elected to run a province leave the high school attitude behind. the better gal eventually apologized about the matter while the other just kept at her. this is a funny matter of who’s fooling the public opinion polls.

people are fooling people. literacy is still a concern in 1st world nations. the recent statistics indicate that between the ages of 16 to 60 – 42% of that demographic is limited in their writing, reading and vocabulary skills. we ask if you read the blog post, newspaper article or perhaps the latest book. writers, bloggers, web designers, journalists all share the ability to read and write first. we don’t seek the video or photo to entice our interest. please help to improve the literacy issues in your community.

[movie] the reader

healthy finesse
what would you do if you found out that you had a terminal illness. how about if a loved one had a terminal illness. young people think they are invincible while aging tells us we are not. the small things begin to matter more. we start to avoid mental and physical conflict until it’s eliminated in our daily. our life becomes to precious to have negative nelly’s trying to disrupt your game plan. we realize that working out our mind is just a important as our body. it is what you do and not say at the end of the day that will determine who’s fooling who.

being alone is scary 🙂
as a youth being alone is scary from what you don’t know. as an adult being alone is scary from what you do know.

getting pretty excited about some fashion items. we haven’t designed garments in quite some time. outer garments and outdoor gear was our specialty. but, our training is always based on traditional fashion influences. terminology is the same and techniques are the same. so, look for some funky fashions soon. we’ll have another web site set up for the product line.

fashion week | farm & ranch show | bike & sport auction | alzheimer’s pro-am

denim jacket – it’s an adult thing. we wore them everyday as kids. and our generation is rediscovering this old favorite. it makes us look and feel younger. but, we’re not fooling anybody.

gift giving – my rule of 3. ideas for the future. tangible for the present, personal for thought.

‘thebullymovie’ has gone viral. [click] piers morgan had a great interview on friday night march 30th. ‘stopbullying’ is another campaign. the internationally recognized names standing behind this issue is helping 13 million kids whom can’t attend school because of bullying. bully’s have been fooling us for years – not any more.

senior bully [click] | verbal bully [click] the bully games [click]

she says … he says.
i’m not weird, wacky or freaky … intelligent, original & creative lies within the boundaries of weird, wacky and freaky.

laughter wins. even a week filled with annoyances a burst of laughter with the right crowd makes everything better. nothing like a foolhardy, tomfoolery bit of who’s fooling who.

moral, yo
maybe it’s me – who is fooling myself. dealing with the bad is not balanced by laughter anymore. it’s simply time to avoid the negative influences and focus on who and what makes us happier. the world is opening up through social media and we discover that good people exist everywhere. good people don’t fool around.

crisp clean clear | ecoclectic built | motor workx | retailization | weirdly written


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    adding bullying awareness to weekly is good.

  2. The entire blog was thought-provoking but really LOVED the last paragraph “moral, yo”. That is my thinking and focus for 2012…avoid the negative influences….and I’m meeting some very fascinating people through social media. Thanks for writing!

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