the verbal Bully

there is plenty of discussion about the cyber and physical bullies these days. what about the verbal bullies. the high school type of bully. we all know about how cyber and physical bullying can be recorded or documented. but, how do you record or prove verbal bullying. i want to find out.

with all this bully discussion, are we just poking the fire with long sticks. is the media just trying to douse water on the flame that gets blown the most. have we forgotten about the ignited kinder underneath our feet. just because we don’t see the flame we assume there is no fire to erupt. we need better detection and start focusing on where all the large fires start – a spark.

remember those high school days. the girls in the school yard picking on the different girl. she spends her days sitting at home in her horn rimmed glasses and piercing not wanting to return to school. what was the cause of this bullying. she was to pretty, to smart, wealthy family, poor family, the boys favorite probably or perhaps she’s pregnant …. what would encourage a girl or women to decide that her friends should pick on someone?

social media and smart phones have become one of the tools to fan the bully flame. we have even created new words to describe this new style of fanning the flames of bully – cyber or online. digital makes this style of bully very easy to watch and document. automatically, recording every key stroke and at the click of the mouse it’s published. so, my question is about documenting the beginning of bullying. when the group of girls strategizing about what to say. they approach and confront their victim and ignite the bully spark. what initiates this verbal assault?

over the years i have watched this bullying in the school yard. i have heard about the various events of children being removed from school due to bullies. there are plenty of documentaries and famous films showcasing the act of bullying between the girls. most gals will recall a occurrence at place of employment. currently, our province has a few gals squabbling between themselves instead of focusing on the direction their political party should proceed. a recent story about bickering seniors trying to evict someone from a residence. bullying among the gals can last a lifetime.

when your child comes home from school and says she doesn’t want to return – how would you feel. as a parent you feel as violated as the child. ask your child if she has been pushed or shovel – she says no. have you been bothered on social media – she says no. what than – you ask. they use words. they corner me, follow me and use words. your only solution is home schooling.

unfortunately, we are only smothering this smoldering kinder hoping it won’t ignite. we must address this form of bullying with equal passion. could there be a better time to bring this style of bullying to the awareness of the world. the bonfire of the vanities for the text generation – the verbal bully.


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    fringe fashion to mainstream acceptance. unfortunately, young people get hurt in the process.

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