the senior Bully

more nasty bits & pieces of the bully world on tap. we love to hate the youtube videos promoted with mass media and bringing celebrity to the unknown victim. using celebrity to promote the awareness of bullying. girls picking on girls, arguing over boyfriends, pushy people at the workplace and the viral video of school yard fight. we have seen them all over the past few years. how are our seniors doing among all this bullying?

we see the seniors testing out the new media devices by sending cute messages to their children and those being grand. taking for granted these grand people of ours. always a smile, pinch the cheek or pat on the head. reach into the cookie jar of life and be instantly rewarded by familiarity and comfort. we have enter the spank free zone – mom & dad. our grandparents will look after us.

so, who is looking after the grandparents? once these pillars of the community can no longer care for themselves we find ourselves troubled by our new burden. who do we trust our parents with. this task becomes tireless and very time consuming. it just doesn’t seem to matter who we talk to, we get the same answer – your parents will be just fine living with us.

the once proud parent is no longer able to bake the sheet of cookies for the grandchildren. grandmother’s wrists are to weak to stir the bowl, while grandfather can no longer grip the hammer. we can see it in their eyes. when the grandchildren drop by – we can see it in their eyes. a life lived is a life gived.

no more last minute drop-off to the P’s for tender loving babysitting, while we use the companies box seats at the game. better write down the advice on how to cook the perfect turkey every time or when to plant the garden. don’t expect the christmas gift of woolens or a craving from wood will be no longer. we have found them a new home.

please, ensure they will be safe – they’re my P’s you know. oh, we will do so lovingly – just like they’re our own P’s. really! so, why am i hearing about all this abuse to seniors. my mother was pushed around at a senior lodge and had to be moved into another wing. the home nurses would ignore her washroom needs , while talking on the home phone [psst] – nobody will know. except now i know and it’s time for change.

we now have seniors bullying seniors at the local lodges. our aging population have placed huge burdens on the infrastructure for taking care of our senior citizens. we have more seniors than space and this creates a new problem.

guess what is happening. just like school girls these seniors are starting to revert back in time and starting to gang up on each other. they will go into each other rooms and steal or misplace things. they befriend the right group of gals and make life difficult for the few. eventually, the lodge decides to side with the bullies and tries to out the individual. that individual could be your parent that they said we would look after lovingly. yeah, right!


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4 Responses to the senior Bully

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  2. dfmw says:

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    we must care for those who cared for us.

  3. wow – this hits home. I left a career and moved over 600 miles to be where my grandmother is in a nursing home. I work part time so I can spend about 10-15 hours per week being with Grandma. The staff who takes care of my grandmother does a great job so we are blessed to not have to worry about the issues you address in this blog. However, I do know that it does make a difference when the staff sees the resident’s family in the building on a consistent basis. I also know that the staff is overworked and underpaid for the care that they give…. Definitely something to be aware of because this will affect us down the road…..

    • dfmw says:

      the aging population issue is a concern. 1 in 2 people over 80 will have alzheimer’s type symptoms. children today are expected to live into their 100’s. this is going to be interesting. thanks, again.

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