the bully Games


the brain is the most complex organism on the planet yet we allow people to abuse it. sticks and stones will wound but those wounds can heal. words will wound for a life time. we must stop the most common from of bullying on the planet – the bully games.

we all remember sitting across the table from your sister when she would make some remark. mom & dad – did you hear what she just said. nope – they replied. listen – she just did it again, not once but, twice. this becomes a skillset that will or will not be used for the rest of their lifes.

kids are learning the bully games at a young age. they honed this learned trait of throwing words by watching your reaction. the bigger the response the more fun it becomes to continue the mud slinging. junior high becomes high school and onto the work place. the two lawyers arguing in court – fueled by the one lawyer dating the others ex.

have you been caught between two people slinging mud at each other. walking past one another for the timely toss. planning the stroll with phrase ready to roll. it’s actually more fun than you think. of course unless you get a little mud in the eye. then you can kiss your manners good-bye.

once the mind is kept busy with life’s more challenging quests the desire or need to toss mud across the room subsides. soiled hands will be rinsed with water and never allowing the mud to form. we only hope this is a passing phase of growing-up. this doesn’t explain the two lawyers in court or the two co-workers at the warehouse or the … i think the bully games just continues in life with any spark to ignite ex-flame problems.

why is this so important to me. because i have first hand experience with the bully games. however, i was able to graduate and attend my ceremony. i know young ladies who did not have that priviledge. the parent/daughter dream of buying a gown and attending your high school graduation was stripped away by another parent’s kid. i think the bullies should be pulled from school. life is just a game to these kids – the bully games.


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  2. dfmw says:

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    people know when they are being a bully just like those know they are being bullied.

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