minute to Minute

remembering the horror stories of a parent going through alzheimer’s one minute to having the inmates of life tormenting me with bad memories the next minute. who is running this asylum of life?

there is something so special about hanging with like minded friends and sharing stories. sane or not, just being the same is more important. the non-like minded need not apply. despite them lining up for a chance. sorry, folks we are all full. we have no more room in this insane asylum called life. you will have to wait a few more years. we have enough nightmares at night let alone you outsiders donating new memorable content everyday.

i went full circle the other night. one minute i was tearing up with a friend talking about our parents and the next minute i had the inmates of society yelling and telling me to ‘do this or that’ or else stuff. [hands waving in air] all twelve monkey’s flying right over the cuckoo’s nest. i was beginning to think i had to be nuts to be there. people creating drama for the sake of drama. the cuckoo’s nest of yesterday is the gossip crowd of today. have the text generation found new ways to terrorize their friends and foe. is gossip and texting the new bullying. something to text about i guess.

i couldn’t wait to get out of high school’s asylum and enjoy the summer one last time. i wanted to graduate and move onto the next phase of life. seeking a different level of sanity not confined to the same old, same old. participate in that special time when you get to choose for yourself and become what you want to be. set a few goal and hopefully accomplish something. a couple good decisions and we will avoid having a nightmare on our hands. the real world can become terrifying without a plan. growing old without a pension plan can be more scary.

life happens fast. life happens to fast to have crazy people in your life. people on the fringe trying to get it. everything is a balance of common sense with a little sixth sense on the side. life’s crazy’s can be young or old. navigating past the negatives trying to get the positives defines your life. paying attention to the details as they become your memories every minute to minute.


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