diaper to Diaper

parents are so proud of their kids. watching them grow up. perhaps watching them have kids. perhaps watching their kids grow up. its all a part of growing old. the days of diaper.

deciding on what diapers to buy is first on the list. the kids are just eating and pooping machines. choose your favorite brand and stick with them. [psst] what brand do you use. cloth or plastic is your other choice. your grocery list becomes longer. a list of what goes in and where it comes out stuff. the late night rush to the 24hr store becomes the story. timely pees on me re-freshens the mind

2 years into this ritual of pooping behavior the child eventually becomes pottie trained. this can still be a messy affair. but, the little one is on their way to independence. life continues it’s cycle with everyone. a little food in and something comes out. while growing old our time to become dependent on another changes our lifecycle. the diaper becomes the depends.

it is a messy business, that of diapers. both for the young and old. what starts off as a new life beginning grows into an old life ending. both are heart breaking. it is only when we are old enough to appreciate the lifecycle that we recognize the significance of being independent. it happens to everyone. we really do depend on each other for support in our lifecycle.

experiencing your parent in diapers is staggeringly scary. it just doesn’t seem normal. especially when they have no memory of what they are doing. sometimes they smile at you just like the small baby. other times they frown or cry, just like the little baby. this is the worst part of our lifecycle. the final part of the ride that we all know we will be riding sooner than later.

the experience of life that brings us from diaper to diaper. a conversation shared with those like minded few that understand what the meaning of life is about. the pent up energy of youth is so far from knowing the significance of our lifecycle. it’s all about living in the moment. me, me, me attitude. 20 years removed from the diaper doesn’t seem that long after talking with a few. it’s hard to think that one day these kids will have kids. but, that’s when they will grow up. wanting to get old isn’t the same as being old. not everyone matures, naturally. everything depends on something. the lifecycle of diaper to diaper.


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