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[psst] ever heard of the internet …

i swear the phone is becoming smarter than we are. it certainly is smarter than many of use. many of us who have these state of the art technological wonders of soon to be outdated prior to your date plan ending … type phone. yep, smart phones are smarter than those of us who use them.

the one great aspect to the smart phone is the ability to bring the masses online. my day to day is basically about creating content for others to view online. writing, editing, photographing, videoing, audio recording, cartooning, logo design, graphical layouts, storyboards, writing scripts or treatments … on & on & on. at the end of all that other stuff we put a little bit of the final product online for you all to view.

it has been about 20 years strong for this internet thing. it was fairly simple in the early days but still just as useful. once the color and graphics started to shine the online experience really started to take-off. many businesses deferred their yellow pages to an online exclusive experience only. the web page was often nothing more than a single page. scripting became more efficient and compression combined with larger data storage space allowed for us to share more information. the new beginnings of the internet were starting to show what this virtual experience will be like in the future.

so, lets jump ahead to present day. daily, i experience someone asking me about ‘this internet thing’. excuse me – i would respond. their tone always seemed a little off. like when someone is experiencing something for the first time. ‘this internet thing’ ‘the google’ ‘the youtube’ the facebook’ ‘what is this tweet thing’. do you think the car brought the same weird experience to the people. 20 years into production and folks were wondering about this ‘the ford’ thing.

life just gets more weird everyday, folks. there are 3rd world countries where people have cell phone plans and are using them to liberate their people. at the cost of their own lives. i life in a 1st world nation and people are just discovering the internet. well, i am happy for them. after working online for 20 years and much longer using the technology, i am pleased to know that many more people will be able to experience what we have been doing. your online experience viewing my stuff because you bought a smart phone. well, thanks for reading.


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