[psst] Text me

[psst] what’s your cell phone number …

what? why? what do you want it for? why do you want to call me?

oh, i just thought i would text you some of the ….

yes, what? text me what? some of what? what do you want to text me that you can’t just tell me while i’m sitting here?

it’s just that we all text each other things and thought we’d text you …

rumors? what would you be texting me?

well, i could also give your number to …

wow, wow, wow – there little buddy. give my number to who? you just asked for my number to text me something that you can’t speak in public and you want to forward my number to someone else. that’s why i ask what you want my number for. because no one really calls anybody anymore. they just want to gossip like school girls. well, i’m a little past that age folks. sorry

during the day i communicate in person, online & phone. everyday 365/24/7. and with this industry changing 7 times every year, that is a lot of content and time spend communicating with people. i will do the math for you = the equivalent of 105 years working at your job.

at night i am writing content so you ‘smart phone people’ who just discovered the internet have something to read and watch. i will accept ideas online via social media. i don’t want rumors. if you have ideas and suggestions please use the social media sites we have set up. you can also use direct messaging.


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