my Time unconnected

my recovery time is unplugged …

you can’t be plugged in all the time. for those of us whom do this online content stuff everyday, being unplugged is a nice reward. we see all you people getting off work and driving home with the phone glued to your ear. checking all the latest gossip. believe me folks if you needed to know something, you would of found out.

365/24/7 everyday is exhausting. no clock to punch, no overtime pay, only deadlines everyday and all the time. the internet doesn’t shut down. all languages, all nations and all time zones are simultaneously communicated instantly with or without your input. we become overloaded with information and forget information. the simple act of becoming unplugged helps us recharge.

turn off everything and place the necessary gadgets in their slots for a recharge while we go for a walk, ride, or hit the gym. we recharge by not being around technology. some of us are on the creative side and require to be influenced by the sights and sounds around us. variety is the spice of life. setting ourselves up for new inputs allows us to deliver new outputs. we apologize if you don’t see us waving our iphones, ipads or blackberry’s around waiting for the next text message to arrive.

social media has really created this false necessity of thinking you need to be connected. tweet to twitter and the tweet will appear on facebook. update all your friends with the meal you are having. i’m sure they are waiting for the image. maybe next time you could ask your friend to have dinner with you. how about going for coffee with someone and doing the old chit chat thing. oh, wait everybody does do that. they just sit across from each other and text the conversation. that’s why i like my time unconnected.


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