so who’s who

between the good, the bad and me …

march 19th to march 25th | 2012

scenario, yo
weirdy, wacky, freaky, and geeky – my kinda people. intelligent, articulate, inquisitive with integrity – my sorta people. thoughtful, kind, caring while always concerning – these are my people, yo.

mixology psychology
wisdom from our words reflected by a bent ear. listen to your inner ear on occasion. don’t gamble on yourself. trust your direction chosen and ask for help along the way. we will help you achieve if you ask. life is a group effort. we are trying to get the same goal of happiness.

weekly update
travel alberta [remember to breathe] winner of world’s best travel video – it’s how we roll, folks. check out the bitchin’ kitchen, the band perry, the civil wars videos. i did 2 more diner testing club tours.  we have a theme title for our diners testing club this season – the steakout. [click]

alberta bound
we will hit the road this summer and visit your neighborhood pub, diner or restaurant. remember, the season theme is ‘the steakout’.

pinterest is tremendous fun [] and []yeah, so we are going to do some tweeting at a pub near you this summer. we’ll let you know when and where. we will also have some give-aways for the followers.

tweet – if i find the door labeled ‘a life less complicated’ i’m knocking 🙂
tweet – life is like a carousel. get on your horse. listen to the music. the horse goes up and horse goes down. eventually the ride ends 🙂

we have an app for that …
yep, we are creating a brown bag wine tasting test. to be used with every road trip.

alberta has election on the horizon. NDP [national] has new leader. liberals are a mess in canada, unfortunately. much like the GOP inthe USA. looks like obama is fast tracking the pipeline in the south. goods for the southern folks, looking for a few temp. jobs. japan/cdn free trade. explained = remove 1 tariff & replace with 2 more taxes by cdn government. next camera will cost more + gst + pst. but, hey no trade tariffs.

learning about starting a foundation. this will take time. writing about change. i have written a game for kids. i also wrote an improvement program for adults going through a change in life mid-stream. websites to follow of course. walking to class during grade 11 i became relevant. [click]

healthy finesse
juicing has been talked about a lot last week. i started juicing years ago. what started as a homemade milk shake turning into a health drink. i don’t use a juice. too expensive for what they do. they are noisy and hard to clean. many machines either remove the pulp or refine the pulp. you need some rough pulp. the first drink it made and still do today is carrot, celery and apple/pear. i shred the carrot and use a peeler on the celery to remove outer strands. the apple or pear must be peeled and cored. add some honey is you wish. the food processor will do just fine. make plenty and store in fridge for several days.

time to pull out the leather. put away the winters. should be a colourful year. gyspy/bohemian look. pin-up girl. peasant with denim. guys get the brando and dean visual. boots and all. sports coat & denim. casual formal. james bond after the formal ball. i would have to image the kids movie ‘hunger games’ may influence. archery perhaps. []

tweet – let me say – there are 2 types of ppl. those who follow a kardashian or the fey. i think that’s all i need to say 🙂

got nothing this week. watch the good, the bad and the ugly.

she says … he says.
i’m just going to put this out there … well, maybe someone will find it.

listening. not yelling. finding what wasn’t lost. finding what i didn’t know i was looking for. and blondie providing the shots.

moral, yo
learning to deal with the bad, is part of life. dealing with what you are dealt makes the good seem that much more worth it. the game of life isn’t about how you played people, it’s about how you won over yourself, yo.

blogging, yo
crisp clean clear | retailization | motor workx | ecoclectic built | weirdly written


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