i became Relevant

the odd behaviors of being human …

human behavior is odd.
you realize that it is only humans that are naturally helpful.
naturally, humans need to belong.
we become repetitive in our dailies.
we become very instinctive.
it’s our behavioral instinctive to do so.
it’s just human behavior.

during grade 11 i had my first encounter learning about human behavior and my personal relevancy. this never really donned on me before. this human behavior thing. i think as youths we tend to rely on our instincts. of course we will try to do what’s told of us. high school is when you become more argumentative with the parents. we start to listen more to the educators. friends top the list of most relevant people to listen to.

so, why grade 11? well up to that time in your life, everyday is dictated by someone else. you simply are a reaction to someones action. everything changes when you walk into the school for grade 11. you meet in the grade 11 section of the cafeteria. hey, we all say – we are no longer the focus of attention. grade 10 are the biggest focus until spring when everyone will focus on the grade 12 graduates. grade 11 is clear sailing.

i’m going to pinpoint my actual realization of relevancy to this world and myself. it happened during the first few days of grade 11. by nature i am a very easy going guy and don’t like confrontational situations. so, i spend much of my time by myself or with friends. i had a full timetable and only short breaks between classes. friends had plenty of breaks throughout their timetables. i was always alone walking the halls from class to class everyday of the week. i noticed most of the grade 10 folks looked intimidated and somewhat lost walking the halls. i must of felt the same too, back then. grade 11 sure seemed easier.

one day during my hall walk to class, 3 grade 10’s stopped me to ask directions and some advice. i answered the questions and suggested to take them to their class. i introduced them to the teacher and left. throughout the year as i saw those 3 students, they waved, smiled and said hi. they even remembered my name. eventually, all grade 10 students knew my name. the unselfish act of human behavior of helping made me relevant.



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