the Pub friendship

i learned about people dynamics by living and paying attention to those that matter. i worked and patroned many a pub. but, it was when i became a single customer one night that i understood the real meaning of a the Pub friendship.

i had been living on the west coast for quite some time and slowly began to feel comfort in my new surroundings. we had local pubs on every corner, thanks to expo. my room mate friend managed my neighborhood pub. always visited with a bunch of friends when we knew who was working. i have great memories of those times.

after juggling the girlfriends for much of the summer, i suddenly realized one fall evening that i had nothing to do for the weekend. it was friday night and my friends had started seeing that special someone from their summer collective. even the girlfriend collective started losing patience with me and became scarce this weekend. what to do, what to do.

i’m not much of a sit at home and drink beer guy. if i want to have a couple, i’d prefer to visit the local pub. talking and sharing stories of the week is more my style. drinking beer out of a well stocked fridge and eating snack foods while flipping channels of sports is not for me. i’d rather, do a sport for the day or evening and drop down to the local pub for the celebratory beverage. but, that’s just me.

feeling a little out of touch with how fast the summer had come and gone,  left me without somewhere, something and someone to do anything with. no point feeling sorry for yourself. just get a move on and head on down to the local pub for a friday night out. everyone in england does it, right. it’s called the neighborhood pub for a reason, right.

my room mate manager, was away on a weekend trip and so were all my usual buddies. so, i would hope to walk into a room and recognize a few familiar faces to sit beside. casually walking towards the pub i noticed a line-up outside. i couldn’t figure that out. never seen that before, must be something else. i asked the person standing near the curb – what the line for?

gaye delorme is playing. he is the ‘rodeo song’ guy. wow – i said. is there a cover charge? yes – $20 bucks. wow – i said again!

suddenly, i hear my name getting called. it’s funny how we all look around even when we know they aren’t referring to us. we want to see if our twin exists. my name gets called again. i look up to see one the the doorman waving at me. recognizing him, i wave back. he waves for me to come forward. i walk past the line-up and up a few stairs to were he was standing. his hand extended out to shake mine. he placed his other hand on my shoulder and said – we were expecting you. he continued – we have a seat for you at the bar, hang on a second and i’ll walk you in.

the doorman friend mentioned a few short words to direct some staff about. he buzzed the door opened and i was escorted to my seat. the bartender reached over the bar and shook my hand. he poured a pint and placed it on a coaster in front of me. i  reached to pay for the beverage. my bartender buddy leaned forward and said – your tab is taken care for, you are on the house, we’re buying.

what the? …. the bartender continued to explain.

for the past few years you were always available for your friends any time they asked for help and always declined any reward. your room mate and our manager said that if you ever come down alone to the pub, we’ll take care of you. there was no other way to say thanks, than to do it this way. we all know that when your room mate’ s ex-wife dropped his 3 pre-school children off and never returned. you didn’t move out. you stayed and helped him.

you helped the neighbors and helped make the neighborhood save for the kids. we watched your room mate start dating again. he now has a girlfriend. our manager and your room mate has discovered the enjoyment in life. that’s why he is away with weekend with the kids and his girlfriend. you forgot about yourself. you spend time helping everyone else. but, we didn’t forget. so, tonight we will take care of you.



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