day of Reckoning

taking the tally is tolling …

march 12th to march 18th | 2012

scenario, yo
taking the blame in order to do something nice, is taking it’s toll on me. they say, nice guys finish last. i believe it now. but, i don’t mind that. at the end of the day you have to live with yourself.

mixology psychology
why do people have a problem with those of us who are different. we have no problem with those of you who are the same. spice of life folks. change is good. take the back seat every once in a while.

weekly update
we will keep you updated with new videos, cartoon episodes and some cruise control. we have reduced the topics. click on the blog link at the bottom of every weekly to get the relevant updates. we are continuing to make this site more global. we are learning more about our demographics for future advertising, support or partnership opportunities.

lots happening in the technology and social media. ipad3 launch. ctv buying astral media. apple stock clears past $600. los angeles restaurants are banning cell phones usage – makes sense. cyber bullying. media bullying.

syria is past the 1 year mark of violence to it’s citizens. the arab nations are halting construction projects. thank goodness the neighboring countries are recognizing the issue. why did it take 1 year of death and destruction.

what is the count on the greek bailout. i still think another country should step-up and buy greece. drop all unions and start over.

alberta only receives 11% of total revenue from oil & gas industry. a considerable drop from the 40% back in the day. way to much foreign ownership.

i first learned about bullying, when i was told a young female relative was being home-schooled. i was shocked by the bullies and their parents. we have learned about the signs of people being bullied. do we know the signs of people who bully. i don’t agree with people or business who intimidate verbally or physically. zero tolerance.

here’s my personal experience [click]

healthy finesse
apple a day folks. solution to most health issues today is diet. montel williams was on piers morgan explaining his healthy lifestyle. he’s right. food will provide all the nutrition. learning to cook is the first step. buy your own product, prepare and place onto table will teach you everything. learn to recognize about what goes in your food and on your plate. buy whole, eat complete.

key words – aspirin, inflammation, juicing

have you noticed the golden blonde trend – well, the results are in. you look about 10+ years younger. crazy how that works. it’s just so goldilocks. much like today’s economy. sustaining basic economic growth with a little flair, a little glisten, a little glamour. after the day of green we can anticipate the full colors of spring. show your true colors.

a guy in new york posts fliers on lamp posts and gets 65,000 responds. imagine using the internet. i wrote about friends and how friendship is sometimes taken a little to lightly. [click]

she says … he says.
i’ve heard … but, i haven’t talked to you.

new facebook connections, new twitter followers, those who like and follow our pinterest.

moral, yo
who would of guessed the people of the world could form friendships virtually. connecting with you brings our world together. people judge you by what you do, not what you say. sharing to help others becomes a really nice day of reckoning.

blogging, yo
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