diners testing Club

last friday we gave it a go …

this will be a short and sweet post. just a reminder to ourselves and readers about our weekly cruise features. we have added a diners club scenario to compliment the clown revue. based on the diners club events of the past except with a few modern twist. here are our results from last friday. based on the following example list.

location: alberta

guests: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

seating: table | booth | bar 

host: two, welcome, greeting, thank you, enjoy

server: polite, introduction, welcome, greeting

bus: very quick, and quiet

food runner: well done

beverage(s): 1 bottle malbec

menu: complete, flexible, dessert, children, 1/2 orders

food: steak

atmosphere: steak house, theme based, wood & stone

fun factor: very pleasant & comfortable, all customers were happy, kids

result = (1 to 12) + time + cost

$150 for 4 to dine. without tip. we had 2 hours available. we were in and out in 1 1/2 hours. they would be able to accommodate 1 hour for movie, show or sports crowd.

overall: excellent


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