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the demographics of any industry is very important. it determines the culture of your business. your customer or client is a factor to your success. learning more about your patrons will help guide your business marketing strategies. your advertisers also are keen to know you demographics. learn about and why your demographics are so important.

they are many ways to collect data about your customer. website cookies is not one. you need much more detailed information. age, sex can be loosely determined by questions and answers. eg. have you seen a tony hawk video. do you listen to katy perry. what did you think about ‘the band perry’s’ performance at the grammy awards. all these questions can establish age and sex with fairly good accuracy.

the demographic that your business is targeting is called ‘your audience’. justin bieber’s audience is ‘8 to 18’ year old female. katy perry would be a little older and have a few male audience members. tony hawk has a wide range of audience because of his longevity in the industry. tony would have original followers and the new followers. tony would also have excellent cross-section of male to female. i think you understand what demographics mean, so lets move on.

a blog is based on demographics. a 25 year old male blogger will have an audience based on his topics. fishing, skateboarding, surfing, dirt biking, reading or video games. a 30 year old female blogger will have an audience that matched her content. when you read a post, usually within a few words you will have an idea of their intended audience. and it may or may not be you.

as soon as i read or see something that catches my attention, i will look for some information about the person. it is way easier to read a little history about someone than combing through all their past posts. i may of just got lucky and read that one great post. their other posts are for another demographic.

if you want to advertise on your blog, you best know your target audience. your advertisers are going to ask you that. are you selling soap or skateboards. some products are consumable while others are tangibles. we all eat food. but, pizza pockets is targeted at a specific age group. we have seen the commercials, right.

what makes for great content is the bloggers ability to capture a passion, skill-set or experience. unlike a news room editor who sends out the crew to capture the story for the late night edition. a blogger is sharing their unique opinion and expertise on the topic. a targeted captive audience is a marketers dream. who wouldn’t want to advertise on a blog. it’s cheap and pin-point accurate to the demographic.

250 followers reading your blog about cycling in your neighborhood. any bike shop should jump all over that opportunity to advertise at low rates and high returns. chances are there are 3 to 4 bike shops in your neighborhood. which bike shop wants the business of 250 potentially new customers. what’s the worth. $250 a week?



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