the golden Blondes

aunt, niece, mother – who is who …

these serendipity features are loosely based on experience. i simply watch people traits or a flirty move. 1 or 2 minutes of elapsed time documented in type. pretty standard reading for those well read. but, this story is interesting. why don’t you read it and find out how it unfolds.

slowly, i’m trying to get back into the restaurant scene. sit down dining and all. really doesn’t make much sense most of the time because i can cook. i also eat fairly clean and like to keep it that way. although some restaurants are changing their menu to accommodate our lifestyle changes. so, why not venture out on a friday night.

i was not going to do a food and beverage review. i also wasn’t going to do a performance revue. i just wanted to have someone else cook. share a glass of red and call it a night. lucky i didn’t have to choose the restaurant or the seat for that matter. after arriving we were seated promptly at a table. service was efficient and the food was great. i always say food is great when someone else is cooking.

throughout the meal i would glance around the room to people watch. i noticed that the entire staff were various shades of golden blonde. that’s the new color for the season. i’m not going to say that was the entire staff. but, the 10 or so that decided to walk by my table a few times were blonde. so, i tried to get the dinner partners to discuss topics among themselves so i could go on a eye tour.

sitting diagonally in front of me 2 tables away sat a curly haired golden blonde. upon noticing, my eyes opened slightly more than need be.  greeted by a warm smile in return. [oh, no i have been caught] embarrassingly, i look away and reach for my glass of red. trying to sort out when to look back. the dinner people start talking to me. trying to keep the answers short until i can do a glance. i hear noise from the other table, but i can’t look. i redirect the question and take a quick glance. she’ gone.

again with the questions. somebody phone me, so i can excuse myself. oh, wait i hear her voice in the background. from the corner of my eye, she is sitting down. [whew] i get a second chance to look over and a small hand starts rising up from below the table and grabs her attention. did you hear what i just said – my table guest repeated to me. no, what did you say. i stumble to answer while my mind is wandering.

a small little person tossed into the mix now. lets review what i’m dealing with. i believe i see a husband and wife. the couples mom and dad. and the curly blonde and now the small blonde person. my thought was the curly blonde is the aunt. because the aunt and little girl had fun walking around the restaurant. but, when the little girl started to feel ill – she reach for mom. that’s how i knew who is who.

dear reader: i recognized that curly haired blonde from somewhere. so, now i’m curious to find out when and where. perhaps some serendipity is in order…


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