rumor Mill churning

aren’t we past this stage yet …

i must admit that i probably add more fuel to the fire than trying to extinguish it. it’s not that i’m really trying to spread the next ‘guess what or who’ around the hamlet. i think it’s more about people looking for something to talk about. taking the proverbial bull by the horns. filtering out the bull shit to distribute evenly through the various fields of topic. if you ever smell shit burning it’s well worth your time to end the fueling.

on occasion i will stumble upon the high school past time of gossip. wondering how i managed to get this far off the beaten path. i just don’t care about what other people are doing or thinking. if i have an interest in something or someone i find it just as easy to ask. yes, thanks for asking – i’m from the ask and answer generation. what generation are you from? … i ask.

well the surprise is different. i will often hear of a birthday or special event that will be defined by a gift. keep everything under wraps. hoping the proverbial shit doesn’t hit the fan. shhhh, they say. small, blue in color and not to expensive. i nod my agree. i like it when it’s a small fee.

shouldn’t we be responsible for knowing what we buy someone as a gift before buying something and signing your name to it. [psst] what did we get her. [psst] lingerie. [psst] i’m not signing the card. imagine giving something to someone and finding out that special someone just found out. who knew. everybody except my few.

why embarrass ourselves. lets just ask someone about the person and help to define what it is we are intending. be as direct as possible and hopefully you will get the answer. and by the way people, someone please answer honestly. you know how being dishonest just starts the rumor mill churning.


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