prince of Thieves

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march 5th to march 11th | 2012

scenario, yo
another usual wacky week. the injustice of it all coming to a forest, jungle or park near you. viral video bringing attention to uganda’s acts against humanity. who’s monitoring who. the home stretch to st. patrick’s day. socializing with like minded people is so important. living near like minded people would be nice. support groups, yo!

mixology psychology
the more the merry, robin hood would say. except he had an honest approach to life. funny how he was called a thief because he stole from corrupt self appointed officials. today it’s work, school, public places, religions, corporations and politics that support each others wrong doing. perhaps we need a new robin hood.

tweet: heading down to the ‘ol kick n’ hit inn’ they kick you when you’re down and hit you with some attitude. aaahhhh, the beers cold though.

quote: enemies tell you that you stood up for something – sir winston churchill.

sitting in the restaurant enjoying a prime rib and glass of red. a glance around the room and noticed the comfortable demographic of patrons. a group of merry men. the blonde damsels looked the best. everybody was very well dressed. i was blessed.

weekend dinner club would be a fun time … post coming soon!
changing the performance revue to dinner club revue, who knew!

robin hood would use secret whistles, body language and intelligence to communicate. the sheriff of nottingham used blow horns. i was without my merry men last week when i heard some blow horns. hang with people who respect the relationship or marriage, it may rub off. equally, even-keeled are those people who have it in them to be committal. at any age these people have a sense of respect for society and a level of maturity. you will never hear the horn blow when you’re with these folks.

pubservation: has anybody had a recent conversation without a smart-phone ringing.

i think it’s a crime to promote criminals and their activities. but, this kony dude upsets me. politicians stealing public money for unattended committees. putin in russia. syria, enough of this crimes of humanity. hijab pulling caught on tape.

pubservation: security cameras only capture action not words. would you use the camera in your favor? turn your back or face the camera. remember lip reading, time codes. what would robin hood do?

#blogwest2012 this weekend. security, marketing, social media formats, connectivity … all good. the blogosphere is gaining huge momentum. major newspapers are decreasing the size of the issues and moving content online. bloggers are being hired to teach politicians and journalists how to interact online. the print is fading fast. reading the daily scrolls will soon be a thing of the past.

pubservation: double edged sword [click]

tip: if you take a photo for your blog you should ask permission from the establishment. the establishment must also get permission to photograph the blogger. how many times has the journalist or blogger being recognized by one photo being circulated without permission. [click]

healthy finesse
warmer weather makes all the difference. if you are outdoorsy, the temperature means everything. except running or riding in slush. did you know that sunshine can increase your appetite after long months of winter. living a lifestyle in the north is so messed because of the weather. the human race and the animal kingdom are affected by the earth’s rotation and seasonal changes. the more dramatic the changes to the earth will equal the same dramatic changes to the people. have you ever tried riding your horse in a mood swing.

tip: don’t wait to retire to move to warmer climate. live where the seasons are consistent and travel to have a change of scenery. it’s like we are married to mother nature. seasonal mood swings, blowing in for no-particular reason.

crisp clean clear
good interview with richard branson about virgin airlines. virgin will begin using bio-fuels. virgin is also developing more bio-fuel technologies and global distribution systems. the military of the world now operate algae fuel plants and are shifting from petro-based fuel to renewable. general electric developed their new jet engine to be 25% more efficient.

china: is the fastest growing country? without a question. it is also the most progressive when it comes to going green. despite buying natural resources from around the globe. china will be self-sufficient. that is their goal. when china turns the switch to green who will be left without an industry and revenue stream?

shop talk
maybe it’s just me being polite. but, i always ask about who i should be buying gifts for in appreciation of goodwill. you certainly don’t want to give a gift to someone and give the wrong impression. that’s why everybody should ask. of course the reverse of asking is the rumor mill churning between hands. [psst] guess who’s buying so and so a gift. how did robin hood know what to get maid marion? who did he ask? [click]

quote: you can judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.

one of the biggest fashionable companies in the world ‘harley davidson’ earned $43 million in licensing fees last year. motorsports and sports are probably the biggest fashion houses. nike out sells any of the haute couture houses 20 fold or more. and then there are the companies like ralph lauren who cross brand into motorsports, sports, equine, outdoors, casual, business, formal, footwear ….

supercross at daytona was a mud slinging affair. formula 1 starts next weekend. f1 is all about being fashionable. stealing the show, robin hood would say. if anybody watched the supercross and noticed the yamaha of stewart was overheating because of engine placement in chassis – exhaust and intake. the other brands had no problem. stewart won the race on yamaha.

coronation street – nothing worse than finding out your girlfriend or wife has been seeing someone else for quite sometime. worse is when you know the person. first sign is when they think all casual questions are you prying. [why would you assume i’m prying] and that’s why man invented the pubs for robin hood and his merry men to hang out. world’s first support group and treatment centre. read the golden blondes. [click]

she says … he says.
nothing … well that explains it.

the dining scene. a fine prime rib. a glass of red. warm weather. sunshine. funny people. and a curly haired golden blonde.

moral, yo
robin hood taught us about honesty. tough to find these days. people become very deceptive in so many ways. being dishonest is very clear. being honest is being a dear. stealing and cheating was robin hood’s only fear, yo


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