i Recognize them

they emailed me their photo …

what the heck is happening to privacy? fellow bloggers are you noticing the same thing. walk into an establishment and they already know who you are. the businesses have taken your photo and written a few words, perhaps attached a link or so and forwarded your identity. that is certainly a different way of being branded, no?

i guess any promotion is good promotion. you would hope that some honesty would be behind this deceptive move. what are they trying to cover up. if you owned an establishment and recently had a service critic visit, would you forward that information to other establishments. if you think about it, all customers are critics. the ‘word of mouth’ is still the strongest factor – yah or nay.

so, how would you go about taking a photo. you would almost have to be sneaky minded to think of the ways. wouldn’t it be more honest just to say what you are doing. i personally have my photo on the blog and facebook page and facebook fanpage. so, the idea that someone would photograph you for any reason at all seems odd. what could they possibly be doing with your photo? is this the new form of intimidation or bullying by a business or industry?

interesting viewpoint to discuss: did you know that the car media personalities would be paid to provide good reviews. then bloggers came along and offered real people views and completely changed everything. mother bloggers reviewed and tested selected cars and suggested the safest. the best car companies made the changes. in fact they hired women designers, bloggers and consultants.

at a recent bloggers fest. security and content was discussed. who and what you can talk about vs type about. bloggers know that we have to ask permission to bring a camera into your business. media have being asking for years. only the businesses with something to hide will turn away the blogger or news media.


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