double edged Sword

foiling the attempt to bout …

where are we on this issue. the issue of bullying. has it happened to you. do you know someone that it has happened to. have you seen or heard it happen. did you speak out to help those being mistreated. questions about who is behind and what are the results of bullying.

two things are behind this bullying issue. the bully and the person being bullied. listen to this reasoning, or rather read this reasoning. the bully would be kicked out of school. the bullied would drop out of school. two individuals affected by the same effect. yet, both will produced different results.

the bully, will probably continue the bullying practice at what ever work they can find. they may even bully themselves up the corporate ladder. become a bully in the ring of life. succeed in the arena you wouldn’t have ventured. lunge where they are not wanted and dodge back unscathed. time your position and point to your target. sadly, the bully can succeed.

the bullied, will probably complete school at another location. perhaps take a combination of online courses. eventually they will finish where they left off. entering only into the ring of life with an accomplishment of achieving. never starting something just to poke fun at. always continuing to learn and work hard to fit in. constantly entering new arenas to challenge yourself. slowly gaining momentum by winning us over.

the story continues, when the winner climbs the fence and meets the bully in the same arena of life. winners learned how to win from getting back up after getting knocked down. lessons from life learned are lessons not needed to be taught. commanding your position intimidates the bully and yet nobody fought. have you ever given this success story a thought?


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