stop Clowning around

how many time have i told you …

february 27th to march 4th | 2012

scenario, yo
fooling around, monkey around, clowning around is just a bunch of tom foolery. leading up to the spring performance reviews of pubs. spring makes everyone act up a little. spring is in the air. spring cleaning. spring into something new, with you know who.

mixology psychology
the transition to artificial gaming seems instinctive. guys like playing actual games at all ages. that’s why dads like kids – excuse to play all the time. translated to pub world? you know you’re getting old when staff have fun with you. [greying]

[psst] – march madness
[psst] – march smarch.
[psst] – st. patrick’s day

plenty -O. this week. have a sit down with a couple interesting bloaks. nothing out of the ordinary though. grumpy people complaining. young folks pissed off. the best part of the week was meeting new people to clown around with.

meeting new people who know an awful lot about what we know. how did they know. seems weird no. hint hint [hint]

so, our government is become chock-o-block full of scandal. we all knew of their wrong doings, it’s just being proven publicly now. the GOP candidates are a gong show. ron paul seems the most paper trained. i don’t think the other bloaks have read any paper about what’s going on in the world let alone their country.

how about the italian crew onboard another cruise ship astray. like the pub staff who are paid to help until something goes wrong and it’s everybody for themselves.

politicians are societies real clowns performing a 3 rings circus act at our expense.

some weeks i’m more tempted to write about what i learned rather then offer something to learn. what can you learn from people giving you hints. who is clowning around and who isn’t. i wrote something about the pubservations of life. [click]

healthy finesse
much of my experience with a healthy lifestyle came from various minor health issues. today most people suffer from the same symptoms. however, today there is lots of knowledge and medical treatment to ease the issues. that’s were i learned about being more holistic in my approach to health. alternative health is what they called it. evidently, 1000’s of years of proof and results couldn’t convince the money machine of modern medicine and pharmaceutical industry.

i wrote a little something about what i discover from altitude training. i did it for health reasons. of course now it’s the popular thing to do for olympic or professional athletes. looking after my health was not funny. the joke is those who do. is that you? [click]

crisp clean clear
has anyone really traveled the world. no resorts. no cruise ships. no packaged trips. no lay-overs. no city hotels. no business trips. a stamp on the passport must be earned. only at that point will anybody understand the people of this planet and how we are very much the same. one group’s decision to pollute another groups lively hood. turning natures islands into resort havens for the middle class of the world to vacay.

go touch nature. can you drink the local water. can you grow food without pesticides and watering systems. population is growing exponentially. who’s going to feed and water the lot? ask yourself if you are on the help side or destroy side.  stop fooling around.

shop talk
spring cleaning. i don’t buy much for myself. the more stuff you have the more you have to find somewhere to keep it. i have been down that path before. time to take a break from consumerism. however, i do spend plenty of time in the various retailers. retail consulting since the early 90’s. every business is retailing some sort of service or product. pubs retail food & beverage. auto dealers are know called stores. funny thing is that i started coining the phrase ‘store’ to auto dealers and restaurants when i was asked to do some consulting. it looks like the name stuck, funny!

i do the spring cleaning thing with personal and household items for years. keep life simple and help others out. after sorting and cleaning items, i drop them off to the salvation army, women’s shelter, and the youth shelters. my grocery visits will always include items for the food bank.

in fact most of the time when i am out and about doing things i thing about what little items other people would like. sometimes i buy something, most times i don’t . thought that counts they say. it’s really not true until you buck-up and pay. funny how things work that way.

there is a comfort in being in your own clothes. having your own style. buying the same old stuff. hate when you go to replace something and it’s discontinued. how old was your stuff. change things up a bit, folks. maybe a red nose is your thing. [honk, honk]

everything about me is based on the creative. to be fashionable can pertain to your car choice, beer choice, team choice or favorite clown attire. you make decisions everyday based on what others think. because you are trying to be fashionable. what do you choose to wear on a date to impress.

so, you showed up at the dirt bike track wearing new gear. maybe it’s that new female rider over there. now we can tease you. you just bought something to please. you’re trying to be fashionable. funny, eh!

motor sports is about being fashionable. choosing a sport because you look cool. choosing a sport because you like the gear, or sticker you put on the rear window of your vehicle. all about being fashionable, folks. do you wear your brand out in public?

motor sport companies sell street wear for a reason. anyhow, here is some eye candy for the guys. imagine if these girls showed up around the track or better yet, the local pub. [nudge, nudge, wink, wink]

working on a beauty story for the upcoming weeks. a complete original. from start to finish they say. until then, give these a read [clickity] [click] [click]

keywords: rude, young, old, grumpy, mature, hate, like, dislike, not sure, hints, rumors, annoying, forget, default, selective memory, friendly vs friendship, smart phones, illusion, pretend, truth hurts, lying hurts more.

she says …. he says.
so, how’s your day going ….. feels longer, just like the month. [feb 29th | 2012] [she got it]

new ppl are always delight. out of the blue who knew. the same old same, provide comfort. clever crew pre-selling st. patrick’s day cruises.

moral, yo
stop taking life so seriously, this weekly reads like a SNL script of sketches. there is no reason you should have to experience purposeful ppl providing you with problems. with enough time, all problems come on their own. clown around a little. humor is the best medicine, yo.


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