the Cell generation

give him your number so i can text you hers ….

i was in my 20’s when the cell phone arrived on scene. wasn’t to hard to miss either in more ways then one. it was about the size of a brick plus a 6′ rubber antenna. the thing was a monster. i keep forgetting that young people capable of performing adult roles in today’s society that were born into the cell phone generation.

we have used up all the alphabet on naming the next generations we could probably name the current kids ‘the cell generation’. people younger than when i got my first cell phone would fall into this gen. set. definitely a computer crowd, and gaming community with a touch of internet tossed during the last 15 years. born into the world of mobile communication.

we experienced the sibbling battle over the home phone on saturday night. the rural families and the party-line [please, parents explain this to them] remember when sister got the extra phone-line. i thought that was for upstairs-downstairs family members. i was wrong. she’s a girl they said, they need phones. what the hell kind of logic is that to tell a boy. the girl grew-up having the phone glued to her. boys walked, cycled or drove to a friends to talk about girls.

so, now we have this generation of boys and girls who have grown-up [hopefully] with the cell phone and another generation growing-up with the smart phone [hope that rubs off] bought by the parents of course. the boys had to get a job to buy their phone. yet, another generation of unfair parental treatment. both sexes learned to be connected by wireless communications.

growing-up, she uses it to call for a ride home, text in the car ride over to the relatives. she can play in another room with cousins. the boys have to stop playing games and help clear the table, shovel sidewalks, mow the lawn, take out the garbage … who is responsible for these ridiculous rules. parents are contributing to raising an imbalanced youth group. the ‘must have’ and ‘get their own way’ attitude isn’t going to fair well in the real world. oddly, the learning curve of connectivity is still the same.

meanwhile, present day at the pub or restaurant near you. she is sitting with her friends texting each other. occasionally holding the phone up, pretending the light suddenly got worse. she’s taking a picture of him or her outfit. the forwarded photo is quickly giggled about with the girls sitting at the table. leaving the phone in plain sight or perhaps she’ll wave it around. he will notice i have a cell phone [everyone has one princess] maybe he’ll ask for my number or we’ll just text.[how old are you?] guys are busy playing games. [how old are you?]

we have ended up with a bunch of people who can only communicate online, text or with a cell phone.  cross platform species may interact vocally on limited occasions. outside generations reveal gaps in any person to person. have you tried to converse with this gen. set. [hand waving over your head] definitely restricted data availability. i guess there is going to be an industry coming down the pipeline soon that employs people without the need of human interaction. anyhow, i haven’t recieved a text, email, message, tweet, friend, google + or phone call about this …

dear caller: your call may mean nothing to you and your generation. but, it still has meaning today like it did years ago. i can’t say i would have any idea what it would be like dating before the phone. i also can’t imagine the dating scene where all information is simultaneously shared. what i do know is that the simple act of calling is made simple with the right person 🙂


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    hey, folks read away and please comment. are you a ‘cell gen. set’ ?

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