boozo the Clown

they never have a frown …

can you get more happier than going down to the local or any local establishment and locking onto the funny clown. the character whose presence seems to light up the place. sometimes a staff clown emerges or sometimes it’s the customer. but, always a highlight when the two boozo’s get together on the same shift. fun for the whole family they say.

i must say that i do enjoy the class clown. i was one and enjoyed every minute. the teacher would see me walk into first day of class and say, mr….. no monkey business from you. no, no, no – you are sitting right here, where i can keep and eye on you. seriously, folks that was my junior high school to high school years. i get the same results when i walk into some of my favorite locals. hey, hey, hey – sit back down here. i actually have to ask management and owners if i can go play with the staff and patrons. i’m weird, yep!

of course you can imagine my delight in discovering a staff boozo. very pleased indeed. not that there is any booze being used to motivate this related species – no, no, no. they are just capable of turning on the amusement switch without a flitch. my eyes are instantly wisked to the sight line with a spontaneous head twitch. this is the hook-up, this could be a crazy hitch.

we learn to tame ourselves over time. the true delight is watching the new clown become untamed. i will occasionally go a little squirrelly at a moments notice. it’s actually all controlled chaos you know. i’m not nuts despite enjoying ice cream topped circus fare. maintaining common denominators helps to provide a controlled environment. but, my goodness who doesn’t like to go out on a limb and hang-out with the other crazies going nuts.

i mime, i mimick, i mock – i clown around. all within the clock. it’s full out chock-o-block. the public house sets the line. no joker, card tricks or poker. as long as nothing jumps from my hat. it can’t be an animal house, not even a cat. we birds of a feather do stick together. having some fun the old fashion way. look for us next time we’re down your way.

[squeezing nose] [saying – honk, honk] 🙂

dear boozo: i’m writing this letter to inform you that despite all the fun we are having when we are together, i would like to see the serious side of you. a conversation that doesn’t begin or end with a joke, riddle or pun. i know you can be fun. but, somethings i frown. when you keep acting like a clown.


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