the Hint factory

to listen or not to listen …

not only can listening be your answer but it can provide the question. selective hearing matches the selective memory. we hear what we want. we pretend to forget what we want. it’s all part of the hint factory.

i love this factory. it produces the best products imaginable. skies the limit they say. what ever you can image they can use words to sway. which way are you inclined to think. listen closely and look for the wink. i couldn’t resist making a fun rhyme from the hint factory. everything is about the rhythm of response from words heard or not.

workers, friends and family – will join in on the hint. it’s sad to think that the boyfriend, fiance or husband are the 4th person on list to hear of any hints. hence the break-ups and divorce. it’s the successful couples that i enjoy. when the gals determines that her spouse is the first to know. the everlasting factory they say. unfortunately, that factory isn’t producing much this day.

there are 3 types of hints – the positive hint designed to lure or entice a reaction or action for the good. the negative hint over engineered to produce confusing signals based on code names and misinformation. and the neutral hint re-engineered from past de-constructive relationships of communication break-down. the proverbial warning shot over the bow. indicating this is the way or the highway from the factory.

positional hints – the friends whom listen in on your conversation, by standing within earshot. co-workers that will interact with the customer you are having a conversation with. the real obvious hint is when she walks between you and another female co-worker or female customer. classic is the family or random friend who strikes up the conversation with mysterious knowledge about you. with nobody else around because they can get the hints later. the pre-planned hint man or woman plant.

age of hint – 3 phases of this peculiar personality resembles the butterfly of nature. lets compare. phase 1 – a cautious yet curious crawl through space this cute and cuddly critter is constantly seeking knowledge. phase 2 – a pupa cocoon plundering all resources for the never-ending struggle to stage their theatrical performance in front of a captured audience. phase 3 – wings extended as the light illuminates their colors of life before they take flight.

the factual hint – just the facts, please. hints aren’t necessarily the facts. code names to cover-up you know who. tell me, not them. living a life vicariously through 1st, 2nd, 3rd hand news. sounds like a fleetwood mac reunion album. at what particular point in time of the ball game was i going to know. hinting at something for a birthday gift or xmas present – yeah, maybe up to a certain age. but, when do you just grow past the hint factory and say …


dear peeps: i must admit there is a slight charm when 2 people are courting each other and the hints factory’s rumor mill is producing at full capacity. but, eventually there has to be a stoppage in the output. production should slow down if not come to a complete halt. the playful memories of first meeting her will be tainted if the factory has to fire up another production line.


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