the Date factor

what to do with you know who …

dating definition
i must admit that i am fortunate to be associated with the sports minded and those creative sorts. dating for us folks has always been pretty darn simple. the recreational fun things we do are surrounded by like minded people. so, whether we are at the art show; ski hill or some food and beverage festival – it’s all a no-brainer. however, my interest in this phenom lies within the thought of those other folks. those whom have to go through that nightmarish methodology of testing someone in some awkward situation and trying to qualify any interest or compatibility. let us try to define this date factor.

inquisition factor
aside from a few successful conversations combined by her friends trying to drop hints, you decide to ask her … but, what do you ask? what day do you usually have off? you mentioned that you like going for coffee, do you want to go for coffee sometime?  do you want to try that new restaurant next week? i love movies, maybe we should catch a flick sometime? jennifer aniston earns a living feeding us this genre. [ etc. etc. etc. ] i think the more you date this archaic method the more chance both of you have twisting the outcome.  so, let’s assume she accepts one of your offerings what’s next?

surprise factor
surprises are not my thing. and the weird and wacky part of this date factor is the arrival at door. depending on how old you are … there are always similar results. first and foremost is the – i’m not quite ready yet. [she’s talking to her friend on phone and explaining what you’re wearing] i’ll be right there, she yells. [waiting does not make it any easier – girls] the parents or family have a chance to drill you questions of sweating proportions. her room mate suggests a beer while you wait [how long is this going to take]

pet factor
so, are the reptiles yours or your room mates. [please, room mate, room mate] yes, they are mine. how about yourself, do you have any pets. no, not since i was a kid. i travel too much and who would look after them. it’s not fair to the animal. i’ll wait until later in life to revisit the pet factory. back to the pet factor – birds, chirping, dogs smelling, cat hacking, fish swimming, snakes slithering, lizards staring … or the stack of bridal magazines. finally, here she comes.

wardrobe factor
i never thought about this factor. i guess she wouldn’t be wearing the hooters outfit in public. quite the [costume] you are wearing. all those  colors of black together, match. the size of pierced earring holes is explained by the weighted metal current hanging aloft the lobe. bare shoulder reveals a injury not from sports. [try to work that into a conversation]  so, what do you think of my neck collar …

watch factor
the timex watch factory tour. i can’t keep my eyes off the watch. i’ve started to stretch the sleeve. scratching the wrist isn’t helping, it’s now getting sore. i keep reaching for distance things hoping the watch will appear past my sleeve. [i need more ketchup] [and vinegar] [and pepper] i wear the watch loose, so it will drop down to wrist when i lower arm. i also keep my beer farthest away as possible on bar top. the only light in the friggen room is shining on her injury. could it be possible the servers are this slow. every time i come here the servers are prompt. they are having fun with me at my expense. personally and numerically. no champagne tonight. [stop up-selling]

lessons learned factor
know her hobbies. know her interests. does she have pets. [get that cat out of the bag] don’t do anything that involves time. [because you won’t make it] don’t do anything that involves formal attire. no surprises, no gifts, no story lines, no sitting for extended times. nothing about learning [learn her intellect random factor later, then it won’t matter] nothing about buying [charity auctions, shopping] and certainly don’t go where your friends hang-out or work. [that’s the last thing you need] if you listen carefully, the date factor may not be a factor at all.


dear mixed up:
lets clear some stuff up. younger people dating must present a bit of a puzzle to each other. your visual presentation is so much more relevant. lack of life experience usually leaves you seeking similar visuals. adults are more likely to settle in for comfort of personality. at a certain time in life your visual becomes you and not the culture you are currently following. hope that clarifies something about the date factor.


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