social Media relations

can be socially awkward without knowing …

feeling alone in this socially inept virtual world of existence? you’re not alone. we feel for you. virtually every thing you do and think about is true. in reality we are all more alike than not. so, why aren’t we getting together more often?

easy answer to easy question about our social existence. we are becoming a divided bunch of socialites. we are using media to mediate between our differences. it’s impossible to form a relation with anybody who is divided from the social forms of media. being in touch today is about non-touch formats. we communicate digitally before we fist pound our digits. it’s the wave of future waving to the past.

a weekend night spent writing and socially communicating online does seem a bit odd. there is no one around me when i’m writing or working on websites. yet, somehow the little red icons and numbers alternating in the corner of my eye provides the illusion of a network. common people doing what is becoming more common. to reach out and touch someone virtually is not so bad. you can’t smell their breath, you have no idea what their wearing [allow some folk feel the need to let you know]. are they working on a laptop or desktop. iphone or ipad – nobody knows. and that’s alright, socially.

collectively tweeting about a televised event is become trendy. following the hash tags into a topic of relevance. politics of people personalizing their opinions of public employees. retweeting a shared thought of agree. linking an article to prove a point less read. you-tubing your latest virtual video with viral hopes. snapping that candid meal and wine with friends sharing a toast. we do indeed share online don’t we. and i don’t even know you people.

have we closed the book on hard copies. reaching to open the pandora’s box of our lives. shameless self promotion with media formats broadcasting simultaneously to every serial port connected. exploiting ourselves to those exploring new opportunities in life. feeling our need to help or tell a story that has already been told. what we really need to know is already written down. the truth is we just are not picking it up.

after spending many weekends writing about me and you, it’s nice to see me and you in person. some people are online for work while others go online at work. thank goodness for real life. that’s when i can see my real friends in person. connecting with everybody virtually is a blast. we have connected the world together and realized we are more alike than ever imagined. a real relationship needs human interaction. that does not happen online despite the friendships formed. offline is really where friendship and relationships are required and desired.

we are becoming a little to dependent on being online. have we seen ourselves sitting together texting to people while reading our tweets. wasn’t the digital era supposed to be about convenience, emergency or information. sitting down at the local having a few in person with our friends and our friendly smart phones. wi-fi oursleves into a frenzy of over connectivity. forgetting to remember on purpose. i have my super-duty smarty pants device with me. shall we look it up together.


dear digit: the transition to the social media platforms should extend way beyond show and tell. young people should be monitored by adults. young adults should learn to remove the high school propaganda. itemize your photos by interests and hobbies. separate friends and family. keep private stuff private. business will review your facebook. you should know that eventually your social media relations will be used on your resume.


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