friendly Date factory

my recent tour of the newly renovated facility …

i must admit that i did indeed enjoy my recent visit to the factory of friendship. i carefully selected a date to drop by. planning the day was very simple. after rehashing a few commonalities with the selected guest we eventually narrowed it down. becoming the well informed tour guide is always a delight when sharing a story with someone of interest. lets review the tour.

winter time in alberta can be a bugger. this winter it’s not so bad. actually it’s quite pleasant even on the colder days. all the outside activities have been in abundance this season. just the right amount of snow and cool temperatures keep the ice frozen. in fact the weather and temperatures have been so fair that choosing what to do on any given day or weekend can be daunting. what to do, what to do and with who.

talking with the recognizable faces at the local when the usual questioning starts. fresh snow falling outside and she asks – have i been skiing this year, yet? [eye frown in delight] i respond – yes, i have. twice actually and both times at the same mountain. oh, and i have gone to the local hills to have fun at night. along with some tobogganing. yourself? – i ask. a commonality exposed.

deeper into the conversation we must go in order to determine whether she too is a skier or just a ‘hell-of-a-sales-person’. [aka-flirt] what about yourself. have you been out skiing at any of the local hills or to one of the alpine resorts this season? – i ask inquisitively. [eye frown continues with anticipation] i have only gone to the local hills with some friends and they don’t really ski very well. we ended up going back again to just toboggan. [eye brows raised at word friend]

when you make a reference to a weaker group of skiers, that would indicate your level of skiing. which i would place at advanced and maybe higher. questioning must continue in order to confirm the ability and skill level. [people who like sports will always talk about their sport] do you rent or own your own skis? i sold my gear last year when i moved and haven’t replaced it. besides the rental gear is exceptional and you don’t have to maintain it. until i get in a situation where i can ski more frequently, owning gear is pretty expensive. i just bought a bike and that was very expensive. [now she’s giving me more content to work with – how lovely]

so, before i can say anything else she interject with the suggested date factory tour. you mean go skiing. yeah, absolutely – no point waiting for friends to do anything. most people around here don’t seem to do anything outdoorsy. [nodding the notion in acceptance] you got that right. next time i go i’ll ask you if you want to go. bring your skates as well. oh, yes i have skates. that would be excellent. i like the skate after ski days. [smiling, while mentally noting she also skates]

without any expectations except having a great day, we are off. two people doing a common denominator activity within our comfort zone. no fidgeting, no time delays because your activity is based on time. no wardrobe issues. you are wearing outdoor gear. no makeup delays. nature provides the perfect facial complexion. it’s a no-brainer day of fun. the friendly factory tours if successful may lead to more tours or something else.


dear gearheads: for the gals who say they would like the opportunity to learn about going on some tours with the guys. [smiling flirt] if you don’t participate in activities currently, odds are you won’t. she’ll be have the gear you bought her on ebay the week after she lost interest in learning. people tend not to learn new sports if they aren’t sports orientated. take the friendly date factory tour, folks.


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