friendly Funny flirty

just don’t be flakey, that takes the cakey …

sometime i crack my self up. not sure if that’s a good thing or not. but, it sure keeps me entertained. typing about the going-ons in life in a peculiar sort of way. backward engineering a sentence to confuse the reader. forward thinking to mislead the intention. redirect thoughts and ideas for a misleading innuendo. yet, oddly enough … pleasing.

[psst] have you read my last post?
[psst] i mentioned you.
[psst] actually i described an event that you happened to have witnessed.

so, how does one quantify the quality of the written word when those you know, refrain from saying a quote from the read. complete strangers read away – like, reblog & comment whatever they have to say. it’s the elusive folks whom you see everyday. that choose to hid what they read in their own way. So, i have categorized my reality readers into the following:

the friendly, funny, flirty – folk

the friendly response
hey, whats up! always a good conversation opener. followed by the word or words that i have defined characteristically for no-particular reason in a latest posting. the smart phone is used to further confirm things we didn’t know. share pictures and stories of the weekends events. laugh and giggle like school kids. working out the next ridiculous story plot for another posting is always a delight. after all isn’t that what friends are for.

the funny response
directly using the topic into a conversation because they understand the sarcasm. building on the visual i have created. seeing things from the same side of the track. without hesitation going for the exact demographic mockery. understanding that people are far to similar in what we do and how we think. without humor where would we be. it should be our medicine. funny people help cure what ails from our daily grind.

the flirty response
no sorry i don’t have a computer. hang on a second someone is emailing me on my smartphone – while texting feverishly. what? go ahead, you were saying. so, no computer, no access to a computer – interesting [what year is this]. trying to smile their way out of guilty admission to reading. i don’t have a dart board, pool table, karaoke machine, pinball machine, mariachi band or a personal chef. but, i’m able to find a place that does and pay for that experience.

pegging pen pals
i’m of the order where i prefer to build a picture through literature. carefully structuring a thought so your imagine can take over. placing colourful words in spots to highlite the scenery. develop a rhythm of words to generate a motion of activity. using less than the 1000 words per story to describe. your imaginaton may contain an endless story of words. you may not read what i write but, please encourage the younger people to do what you don’t. your story begins with reading.


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