zero Qualifications only

have you read the want ads lately folks?

holy smoly are there a lot of jobs for people in the hospitality industry. the problem isn’t filling them but whom is filling those positions.

what ever happened to the day when you had an interview and some basic qualifications were asked of you. in the tourist cities and locations around the world these would be some of the standard questions asked during an interview.

1. can you read and write the native language.
2. do you have transportation or will you be using public trans.
3. what high school did you graduate from.
4. what college or secondary schooling.
5. how much experience in handling money
6. do you own a computer or know how to use one.
7. what software are you familiar with.
8. what languages can you speak
9. have you traveled anywhere interesting.
10. what sports or activities do you participate in.
11. any volunteer or charity work experience.
12. marketing or promotional work experience.
13. planning an event.
14. scheduling staff.
15. have you ever held a position of responsibility.
16. do you cook at home.
17. what’s your favorite beverage to drink socially.
18. can you use a bartenders tool.

i have written many interview questionnaires over the years for all types of industries. the answers for all of the above should be yes. there is not one question mentioned above that has anything to do with prior experience working in the hospitality industry.

essentially, these would be the questions you ask after you find out they can fog a mirror. which should be evident the moment they walk into the room.

when i first visit an establishment i would always throw a couple of the above questions out to the server just to start some small talk and to determine their qualifications of employment. 2 things happen with my quick light hearted questioning. they answer confidently and elaborate further as proud employees or they start to flirt and cover up their flaws. at this point i can determine whether i can converse intelligently and continue being a patron or i have to flirt back in order to continue getting served.

finale question of the day. for those staff whom couldn’t answer any of the above questions with a yes and are still employed in the industry, i ask how and why? clearly you have zero interest in the industry.


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