skin vs Service

here is the test of time …

i have been to probably more establishments than i care to remember but, i have learned enough about the industry to provide consulting advice from real time knowledge. my cruise review will also feature a section on staff and their performance ability over time. we will get the first review online this spring.

how well do they perform. how good is their cashout. how happy are their customers. how many return customers do they have. at the end of the day it’s all about the business and who can bring in the most return under any circumstances.

showing skin by an employee is a success model for hooters, and various brass pole joints. the country bars have opened up to this wardrobe malfunction as have the sport bars. recently i have noticed the normally conservative pubs taking a similar attire to attract desire. interesting business approach. but, how do you qualify individual staff performance.

here is a revealingly easy performance reviews for your financial exposure. operate a few days buttoned up. watch who returns and saddles up. will the customers ask what’s up? change some sections up. pay attention to whose looking up.

not all guys and gals will be comfortable with this method. but, they probably aren’t your customer anyhow. lets just say you assigned someone to a slow section and had them buttoned up. would the section get busy? what if you put the most knowledgeable staff behind the bar. would the customers and servers benefit. at what point does the ‘sunshine girl stoolin squater’ become happier with quality service vs show and tell. would they even notice? wouldn’t that help with determining your demographics.

i visit establishments that have half & half female to male patrons. interesting is the female spouse who feels comfortable enough to drop-in by themselves to chit chat. what’s your location like. you know that women are the best determining factors of fakery both behind and in front of the bar. guys are easily blinded by flash of skin. sadly & gladly statistic are easy to track success.

today’s marketplace has women and men equal. equally educated, equal wages, and equally employed. i know some women will dispute this issue. but, they dispute anything anyways. walk into any food & beverage business and tell me how many male employees you see. if a male and female applied for same position in a bar who would have a better chance of getting the position? who would make more money? depends on the type of bar is suppose?

skin vs service … tested and proven.


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