Product of knowledge

learning as we go …

myself and many customers will always try to help the greenhorns in discovering about this fascinating industry. it’s about learning new experiences, or launching a new career, paying for education, meeting new friends or finding future employment. most importantly working in this industry teaches you about people and how to communicate with them. adult patrons like watching the young folk learn and appreciate that everyone learns at different speeds. it’s an individuals ability to learn that is most desirable to hire.

i have many relatives under the age of 16 that can spell, pronounce, define and if needed prepare and suggest a pairing of the following food & beverage standards. how does your staff measure up to a few 16 year olds.

1. pomegranate
2. shiraz
3. cabernet sauvignon
4. pistachio
5. martini
6. bechamel
7. au jus
8. roux
9. mirepoix
10. new world vs old world

i sometimes forget about the various brands. i often see new brands and ask about them. it’s part of being human. curiosity is being human. i also, only ask at places that can give me an answer.

today, i find very few restaurants are hiring staff that can answer my questions after several years on the job.  ideally it should only take 6 months to get up to speed with the product knowledge. after that it’s just some fine tuning. with confidence everybody will get better. the learning curve for a person should never be pushed if they are willing to learn.

however, it does seems odd that people are still in the industry 3+ years later and still have zero product knowledge.


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