just Cruising by

thought i’d say hi …

who doesn’t like a surprise. the best surprises are when people drop by.  it must be an age think … and obviously intelligence. the more you know, the more inquisitive you are about people and life. the enjoyment of a surprise begin at youth with gifts, candy and toys. eventually we evolve as a human being to where another human being is our best surprise.

already comfortably sitting at the usual … when a friendly face appears at the far end. i politely excused myself at first break in my prior conversation to head on over. hey, what’s going on – i said. conversation immediately starts up about the ghetto grammy awards. enough so that i was going to grab my beverage and bring it back to continue the babble. oh, no – buddy says, i’ll head over to where you are so the hired help doesn’t have to travel as far. fair enough, by all means – i said.

next break in conversation, nature calls and off the the biffy i go. yet, another delightful surprise awaits standing over there. i’ll see if she’s not busy when i return and cruise by to say hi. as one door closes, two more doors have opened. i begin walking down the hall to where she was standing. searching about, i couldn’t see her – damn. suddenly – a yell above the voices, her pleasant tone carried – hey, stranger. i smiled immediately and redirected my thoughts her way. arms wide open they say.

after the huggings gone, i return to my already seated buddy. the hired help leaves upon my arrival. they’re being paid to friend you know. only when necessary, will a Q&A session happen between us and the hired help. scattering towards their favorite spot to rest like bar mice. leaving us alone to converse which is quite nice. only problem with there disappearance act is the 20 minutes it takes to get another beverage. thank goodness for real friends having a Q&A session. friends never abandon friends.

on the rare occasion when the hired help walks by we are able to refill. i hear an order get placed and turn to my right and there is my blouse toting pin-up doll pal wheeling her tray. she always says my name a certain way. smiling, i look up to pay. i can see out of the corner of my eye another surprise. i instantly recalled the moment several nights prior. when she asked if i was coming down for a beverage on family day. i just said yes, like a town crier. not thinking much about whether anybody would venture down. family things to do and all.

an eclectic collection of; winterized poor-boy hat pulled snuggly down over the ears. woolen scarf wrapped gypsy style around her neck. oversized collar standing on edge keeping everything under wraps. hello – i say. please, have a seat. a smiling hello and thank you was returned. a few more moments of sorting the garments and we were ready for introductions. she extended her arm in front of me towards buddy and said her name. buddy responded without hesitation. well that was simple i thought. now if only getting drinks from the hired help was that simple.

from the initial visit with the crazy music man. the visits continued with my favorite creative couple seated behind. a proud curling parent and 2 outdoorsman. a couple gals at the other table were getting in on the fun. unceremoniously enjoying the company of others without any issues at all. some singing, some dancing, some laughter and lots of great conversation carried us effortlessly into the night. we were like one big happy family, complete with hired help.

a pleasant monday in february together we spent our family day. all just cruising by to say hi.


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