jump in Everybody

welcome to your local pub cruise …

february 20th to february 26th | 2012

scenario, yo
oh wait, you’re just the boat crew. passengers are paying you to serve. life is a private charter you know – age restrictions apply. only by invitation can you jump in and have fun with the pasengers. otherwise, smile, keep your distance, don’t spread rumors, be polite and don’t bother the paying passenger onboard. they may even tip good behavior. says, captain stubbing [weekly cruise review rules]

mixology psychology
[psst] – they’re paid to like you.
[psst] – well you certainly get what you pay for.
[psst] – crew is paid not to talk about the paying passengers unless you’re friends with them. have you paid attention?

[music in background] –  [hands waving in air]

the week tweets
<intellectual incapacitated ideological individuals front and centre>
<presenting our prepaid pretend public performers>
<dumb people using smart phones 🙂 the electronic rumor mill>
<do they talk about me? no, they told me not to talk about what we talk about. what?>

st. patrick’s day
who’s onboard for a real pub cruise. a few extra hired crew on this day would include musicians or irish dancers and some flirters. i like the eclectic style pub where they respect tradition in a modern method. most importantly on this day is to go where they are not paid to like you. anyhow, i’ll be down at the ________ local for some green ale. 

the more gray matter we accumulate as being human the more we tend to tip for service. as professionals and business owners; we support the business owner and their bottom line. no one is towing a line with the adults passengers onboard. watching the crew flirting for their next onshore excursion most certainly won’t get tips from the ignored passengers.

salute to those crew members; who drop-in on days-off and view the passengers as friends. [unpaid]

i recommend to young folks to use social media as inspiration. industry leaders, fitness folks, educators, entrepreneurs all use social media to reach out to the public. young people hate being told what to do. facebook, google+, pinterest, twitter can provide great insight into a career path without nagging family and friends.

shit people say about ‘anything or places’ videos are popping up on youtube. kinda funny, because it’s been done before. it’s just new to some folks.

we’re adding more ‘people games‘ this snow weekend. [click] aka ‘shit people do or say’

rick’s sanitorium. romney’s mittstake. gop madness. america is in serious trouble if people like that exist. these ppl are so far removed from any coherent context of humanity and the world. even more alarming is those folks whom show up to vote for these morons.

can we please send a couple cruise missles into syria and rid the world of these a**holes.

stay in school. go to school. graduate and feel proud of your accomplishments. education teaches – manners, ethics, honesty. how about crewing on a cruise ship? teamwork keeps the ship afloat.

i learned a lesson this week about the crew. [my sonar beeped on the shallow depths]

good readsfalling together [click] about a close friendship between 3 and a loss of a parent.

healthy finesse
time of year my diet increases about 2 fold. skiing during weekdays at local hills. can’t wait for bike riding season to begin. looks like i have a bike riding, scuba diving enthusiast at one local. there is some good fitness fun on the horizon. returning back to some prior training activities this spring. we have some outdoor adventures planned for this summer.

webisodes – health & fitness this spring & summer.

crisp clean clear
lucy lawless is going green and sailing onboard the greenpeace warrior. dirty oil all over the news again. i tweeted that they shouldn’t avoid the dirty oil issue. oil in alberta is found in the dirt. oil with dirt. does it harm the environment – yes. is canada an ethical country – mostly. we are now partnering up with china and you know there status quo.

shop talk
rough seas last week. someone went overboard. forgot to toss the lifesaver … oops. anywho, no tricks or treats last friday. whew [hand wiping forehead]

pub reviews  – we will start cruising pubs this spring. we won’t be focusing on food & drink. we have a post upcoming that will explain more. read the scenario and you’ll know what we’re looking for.

started a conversation with a furrier and a couple trappers the other night. all legal stuff. going to create some one-of-a-kind fashion pieces. so, anyone know of a good seamstress?

hair color – golden blonde. if you have natural golden blonde hair – grow it out gals. summer glow & golden locks.

i have a name for the clothing line but i won’t post it yet. intellectual property reasons.

still just working on the layout, folks. will update you later. hired goDaddy driver danica patrick must be doing some pole dancing.

cruising by, why not drop in for as a couple. looking forward to st. patrick’s day and what possible funny serendipity shorts i can experience. this week – just Cruising by [click]

keywords – eyewear, poor boy hat, scarf, golden blonde, short hair, long hair, scuba diving, facebook, twitter, pinterest, fitness, fashion, furs, diamonds, platinum, yellow gold, faith hill, amanda marshall, dancing, hamburgers, engagement video, horoscopes, sailing, sup, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, flirt for cash …. it’s how we roll, folks!

she says … he says.
i have some tall canadian cans … oh, god bless ya sweetheart!

for the quick quirkly quips about life. the twitter folks. new facebookies. setting the facts straight. tacking in another direction.

moral, yo
my fault – i tried to befriend some crew. lesson learned will be a lesson taught. it definitely doesn’t pay to be nice. because i’m nice for free but that’s just me. ahoy!

weekly episodes coming soon …


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