Sharing has begun

what has come over us …

you know what they say in sports about finding the sweet spot. it would be very sporting of you to know. to know why we do what we do. why we start the sport of sharing with you know who? they also say timing is everything …

as usual on a friday night about the same time, i would continue my walk-about to a couple of the local hangouts. upon arrival at my final stop i was delightfully surprised. the place was chock-o-block and all the usual faces were present. i walked up to the bar and pulled the stool away while looking down to clear the brass foot-rail. wood stools creak while being dragged so i lifted my just so. the volume of conversation was heighten enough that my mannerism of stool behavior probably wouldn’t of made a difference. sliding my leg up and gathering my thoughts i glance upwards to order.

the drink was already placed on the coaster. and her smiling face demanding my overwhelming gratitude and smile in return. out reached from her hands was a homemade cookie. shortbread with a colored icing face. caringly placed ontop a napkin laying across both palms of her open hands from arms extended to the bar’s end. no words were spoken. it was a speechless moment. we exchanged pleasantries through gestures as she returned to her customers. i quickly consumed the cookie, wiped my hands and tossed the napkin in the refuse tin beside me. reaching for my beer i quickly glanced around.

the place had toned down considerably from when i walked in. i could hear the dishwasher rinsing while the track moved clinging glasses about. i could hear a beer bottle being opened. the sound of a cork being popped from afar was audible in reach. and then came the visual.

the room was looking at me. who was this guy who deserves this attention for our host. i had to look down again. wiping a crumb from the bar-top kept be busy while waiting for time to pass. i pretended to fidget with my watch. the overhang of the bar prevented me from seeing the time. i had a pretty good idea though. it was one of those moments that you want to recall the time and place.

i sorted myself out within a certain time frame and casually reached for my beer for a sip. the conversations picked up slightly and i soon felt more comfortable. buddy beside me says – wow, i don’t get that kind of service. i feel embarrassed again in my response – those cookies were good, what face did your cookie have? he frowned with answer – i didn’t get a cookie.


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