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february 13th to 19th | 2011

scenario, yo
one of those weeks you just have to get through, yo. do a few nice things for others. that’s supposed to make you feel better. that’s the theory isn’t it. doesn’t always work. maybe i should start drawing the circle in another direction. without drawing conclusions of course.

mixology psychology
well, lets just say you have the answer and the non-answer people. we also have the question and the non-question people. and they don’t mix. i have being answering questions for months. meanwhile, my questions get circled with an answer. a little mixed up this circle.

session – my cornie street
it staggering how much info can be discussed when everybody is on the same page. hanging around and chatting. hanging around and having a conversation. chit chat chatter doesn’t take much brain matter. but, a good conversation of relevance is perfect for the pubservation.

time to open up the circles. draw more people into the proverbial loop of life. change the line weight to draw out another dimension. everybody must start using social media as a both personal and business growth platform. if you want to chit chat with family & friends – call or visit them. never in the history of the world or technology have we  been allowed the opportunity to connect with others around the world instantly. broaden your circles people.

human interest – the computer has been with us as a functional piece of equipment since the early 80’s. that’s about 30 years folks. mathematically that means if you are in your mid 70’s the computer has been apart of your life. of course the keyboard has been around for about 150 years.

kinda been outa the loop here, folks. GOP candidates are completely insane. who is going to vote for anybody who references religion as economic guidance versus intelligence. good quote from political pundit ‘republicans don’t like intelligence’ ‘republicans like money’ that’s why the education system is failing. immigrants and minorities whom would love to be educated but can’t afford it will vote demo. domestics whom can afford education but, choose not to will vote gop.

meanwhile – our wacked out government is passing bills to protect what they are trying to cover up. next election will take care of that. syria & iran – can we end this. when are the governments of the world going to start working for the people?

circle the dates. take the course. online is super convenient. but, how do you take a computer course online if you are computer illiterate. 2012 it’s pretty hard to imagine anybody in a 1st world nation being computer illiterate. the boardroom is all about circling the staff together and exchanging knowledge online.

lesson – 2 things noticed in all food & beverage businesses. manager oversees staff & customer transactions. owner oversees assets. appliances, utilities, dishware are the lowest common denominator in every business. separated into – bringing in the money vs what cost money.

healthy finesse
brain fitness. interval circuits. new fitness advice. plenty on tap this week. interesting people blogging about food & spirits. quiet delightful in knowing the quality of food and knowledge of people. interval circuits at the house by [bodyrocktv]. several alumni working as fitness pros doing a bang-up job with the social media platforms.

i’m using social media to share and learn. everybody is invited to do the same. i don’t live in a clicky little circle. diversity of knowledge will break you free from the circle of uniformity.

crisp clean clear
it’s a snowy sunday. today i feel like picking her up and heading down to the coffee shop. we would sit outside catching snow flakes on our tongues.  perhaps an afternoon skate would do. easy said now. i didn’t know it was going to snow. circle of life. cycling the seasons. maybe next week.

oh, i added C3 to the pinterest site. have a look see [click]

shop talk
the buying has started again. so, over to the local all-in-one store for some supplies and guess what? i standing by the valentine’s day wall of chocolate and putting stuff in the basket. whom for i haven’t?. i just continued though. even went home and package some up to hand out.

but, i did it again. off the the local all-in-one store for computer related … and i’m wandering down the chocolate isle again. thinking about what to buy and who to share with. to the front counter i go. the cashier says to me – you know what this means, twice in one week. oh, noooooooo [hands waving in air].

modern it will be. i asked between traditional and modern. everyone said modern. so, why is that relevant – this modern vs traditional question? because i am modern. i have designed within multiple mediums and i have always been very modern in style. in fact eclectic was what one instructor told me. so, i want to try my hand at launching some clothing products. modern of course with a slight twist on creative direction. i may circle back for inspiration and bring it into today with a contemporary flair. stay tune …

motor workx
i have neglected this new site. i have to work more on the header and the logo before i do more. i have lots to post. i have been shopping around for a vehicle to feature as the mascot. after a few discussions with folks – they have suggested to just let things sort out. wheel around first before circling your new purchase.

speaking of circles – nascar daytona testing and qualifying has begun.

i don’t think i’ll mention anything about the current state of affairs. this week i’ll circle back to the past. thinking about everything & not thinking about everything is sometimes …. everything. [click]

he says … she says.
a blouse, tattoos and pin-up girl hair … you have a funny way of seeing things.

there should always be something to be thankful for. it just that this week i can’t thing of anything. nothing stands out. circle around and try again next week.

moral, yo
what goes around comes around. the circles of life. creating niche pockets of people. a creative social circulating within familiar navigable course of directions. open up and let the world in. creating unlimited social circles, yo.


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