red Roses raining

raining down on me …

let it rain
let it rain on me
let it rain, oh let it rain
let it rain on me

come take my hand
we can walk to the light
and without fear
we can see through the darkest night

lyrics – amanda marshall | let it rain

well, well, well it always starts off as casual conversation. sharing some stories. sharing some jokes. sharing laughter. sharing a piece of cake. sharing some lifesavers. we start to think of two being one. sharing that thought. whow, whow hold your horses and …

let me explain that my manners and past jeweller experience had me notice the engagement ring on her finger. i immediately took a backseat to any interest other than casual fun flirts. after all, i can see this engagement ring being twisting and waved in front of me. as a jeweller i also know what a guy goes through to put that ring on her finger. i respect that.

a year passes and without anybody else in the room except us two – i noticed no ring. perhaps some sizing or cleaning was necessary. maybe the couple was getting the wedding band to match. so, i continued in my usual manners, politely having fun and laughing about. everything seems okay until she wanted to share something with me. sharing? with me?

after a few more sharing shifts sans engagement ring i became more interested in knowing about the ring story. i asked one of her friends and they declined to comment. they sort of took me on a whirl-wind tour of … i can’t even remember. but, i do remember that i never got a clear answer. until one day another friend asked me – what do you think of her. i breathed deeply, swallowed and reflected.

days became weeks, weeks became …

one day without reason, i saw her and suddenly reached out with my hands slowly …



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