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february 6th to february 12th | 2012

scenario, yo
oh, my god! i can’t believe this is happening … again. do we ever really understand why she suddenly has an attraction to you. will things be more complicated between us. should we start with something simple. a beginning is definitely in the books. what is the story behind all of this.

mixology psychology
talking about getting advice from the bartender. almost every place we visit has a female bartender. who better to ask for advice than her. of course it becomes a little more difficult when they know who you are talking about. after asking many misleading questions and receiving misleading answers – we realize i’m not getting anywhere.

superbowling last week was fun. win some prizes. have some beer. watch you’re team loss. all bad, except the staff were tremendously fun. i have missed talking to a few sorts. to my surprise many old faces became new faces again. i like that. catching up is fun, indeed.

so, i’m all over this pinterest site. how about everyone else? it’s is kinda fun. it reminds me of being that kid and posting pictures all over your bedroom wall. eventually the parents buy a cork board. doesn’t matter because you just post more stuff. i have started to pin my interests, experiences, vacations, activities … wish list will come later.

all i can say is syria has to be dealt with, now! the arab people are proudly stubborn. the new generation of arabs want world peace and a complete changing of the guard. why is it taking the international regimes so long to act. you can’t have a government killing the citizens. don’t get me started on the greeks.

tip – running a restaurant is not the same a running a country …

lessons in love. the look of love. the book of love. is there really a book of love. i don’t think i’ve seen it. at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter what you read or learn from experience. because every time you fall in love or become interested in someone with a mutual interest in return – you are learning from scratch. reading a book ain’t gonna help with squat.

healthy finesse
the doctors say that falling in love and being in love is the best thing for your health. i would assume that means people love. pets, cars, and jewellery would be second tier, no? i do enjoy the great outdoors with your better half. fit minds, fit hearts can’t keep you apart. couple yoga on the other hand is to much …

crisp clean clear
fitness holidays  is my thing. in fact i love fitness holidays. i’m just not a swimming pool bar stumble around with drunk people vacationer. granted i know many people who are. great outdoors is for me folks. cycle vineyards of france – yes. ski alberta’s mountains – yes. hike new zealand’s backcountry – yes. scuba dive the red sea – yes. sail desolation sound to alaska – yes. drunk college kids – no.

shop talk
buying for the heart in your life. just when you thought you couldn’t see enough red. at least picking out a colour is easy. i’m doing the less is more based on some advice bar side. simply accurate because i asked the questions and listened to the likes/dislikes. and yes, red is the chosen colour for …

tip – unless you are engaged with the lady, i wouldn’t be buying lavish gifts. why, because that should be what getting married is all about. nobody should be buying your hand in marriage. you should be wooing her hand in marriage with romance. there is plenty of time to buy jewellery when you are married. believe me she will let you know all those times.

florists – thanks for doubling the prices!

jewellers – guys walk into the store and ask the staff.

must admit i do live in the hillbilly belt of canada. but, the folks are slowly evolving with respect to garment  selection when in public. outside of work i mean. i’m not talking leading edge garments. i’m just saying people are shopping and buying stuff. i got my brands that fit and i stick with them. i also know when the various retailers have them on sale … do you?

motor workx
this week we will be working more on the graphics for the site. the sitemap needs a little work as well. so, the auto shows will be around the corner. i need a new mascot vehicle for website. this is going to take time. i really have no idea what to get.

supercross – villopoto does it again. simple things make me happy.

lets link this story to the serendipity category again like last week. i think you’ll like this one too … [click]

he says … she says.
you are going to tell her about this aren’t you … yeah, probably.

for the advice. for waiting. for dropping in and saying hello. for being you. for the smiles & laughter.

moral, yo
open the book of love. simplify the complicated stories of loving life to the fullest. loving life with a passion will drive you to succeed where others heed. never close the book of love, yo.


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