smoke and Mirrors

one minute she’s all smiles & giggles, the next minute …

january 30th to february 5th | 2012

scenario, yo
do you believe what you see or hear. creating an optical illusion with your life as seen by others. living the dream. maybe just refraining from the scream. is there something deeper inside. perhaps the proverbial rabbit will jump out of the hat.

oh what a tangled web we weave
when first we practice to deceive.
 – sir walter scott (marmion, 1808)

mixology psychology
sometimes you just have to ask the question to get the answers. actually that makes sense. not much of an illusion derives from asking the direct question. being dishonest about anything will also go sideways. so, where does that leave us. i have to get an answer by not asking the direct question. yet, assume i have the right answer. to with which i shall or shall not be rewarded. are you kidding me …

conversations become so convoluted & full of bs you forget there was a session. we moved about this week. a couple of different locals. a few about town just to see what’s up. little chit chat with the locals at their local hangout. the busy nights are fun to watch. a session of observation … the pub servation.

tweetin’ about stuff all the time you know. follow if you will. the link is over to the right of this post. you ‘ll have to sign up first. create a real name and stop the illusion image. keep in mind you can have many twitter accounts. keep one private. your public account should be real and honest. email or text … or remember that phone thing? you could call your friend and talk. twitter is about socially gathering and sharing about stuff that’s happening. public conversations.

poking holes is the ultimate of illusionary tricks … politics.

politics within the political party can’t be fun … for the people

by reducing the outrageous compensation pkg for politicians; only those whom want to help your country would consider running for office.

should politics really be that political

politicians are like ambulance chasers when it comes to the union vote. 2012 there are laws protecting workers #Caterpillar

learning while you are young will always create a person whom will continue to learn. life is about learning. the building blocks of life are learning modules. we are constantly upgrading in life. listening to what others have learned teaches us. being absent from the learning process stalls your growth while limiting advancement.

don’t wait until something tragic happens before you have to learn how to resolve. if you got defeated as a youth, you will get defeated as an adult. prove to us you can change. magic will not solve any education issue. hard work and nose to the grind stone gets it done.

lesson – ask staff if they know how many people the establishment is license for. ask what kind of license the establishment has. you work there … why not learn about the industry.

healthy finesse
i’ve talked about sugars evil. don’t need to explain anymore. and fake sugar additives are also evil. for the fitness folks – some good news. we all eat the same old chicken, steamed rice and veggie mix. well, here’s the news – try stir fried rice bowl with veggies and lemon chicken sliced over. expect asian restaurant to do the frying with high temperature woks. you can’t and probably shouldn’t get your wok that hot at home. high temp doesn’t allow the oil to soak into the rice or veggies. ask what kind of oil they use. take for lunch the next day.

i am so used to riding or walking or running or yoga before any training that when you take short cuts in warm-ups. recovery last longer. so, i’m recovering …

crisp clean clear
all things environmental and natural. explore the great outdoors folks. this is the name of our fresh-air experience blog turning website that will be launched this spring.

clearly we can see the effects of pollution and carbon emissions. the cold snaps in europe are killing people. if europe was used to this cold temperature over it’s course of history (which is several thousand years) they would be able to deal with cold. but, reality is they can’t because they only have just experienced the results of the industrial evolution like the rest of the world – 150 years ago – pop. 750 million.

shop talk
asking about you know what. sizes, colours, modern or traditional, white or yellow, coffee or tea. it’s not helping by the way.

here’s my beef. we just finished christmas and new years celebrations. lots of gifts, surprises, unwrapping, food and dining. yet, here we are with another day that involves gifts, diner, surprises, unwrapping … have we forgotten the meaning of these days?

the girl that is all bubbly for several weeks with anticipation of a valentine’s day gift and diner. how about the girl who decides that grumpy is her approach to get that special gift and dinner date. lots of illusions in day to day. why have we allowed these special days to become another way for the gals to perform their next act …

the ‘tell tale’ sign of someone interesting … what they wear. dudes will wear anything and we don’t care. we will chat and cheers together over the game. guys are so honest in who we are from what we wear. golf gear, sport jerseys, work wear, casual denim. simply read.

gals don’t go to the local for the tv game. they go for the people game. wear who you want to attract. here’s the starting point. wear what you like and who you are. not what you want to be. too much flash and he might dash. even if you can afford the finest items from any store a guy always wants to buy something for you. if he can’t match what you are wearing, you’ll never meet him. he may be the nicest guy you could ever meet in your life time. but, you wore to much flash before he had a chance to earn the cash …

a pub-servation: what’s the deal with theme based pubs? hooters public house … i don’t think so. we want to see personality!

motor workx
so, we started building the blog out to convert into a website format. luckily these new sites are ours and we can make changes as we wish. the internet is filled with so much of the same stuff. we would like to offer something different. we will link anything motorsports to our other site instead of rambling on this site.

this week we are starting a serendipity category for individual posts lasting longer then a couple sentences. the story line lead-up is usually the best part. this week is a good one so enjoy … click

she says … he says.
i don’t have a captain … lol, lo, lol (fall off chair).

to the new people at the various locals i visited this week … you were nice. i like that!

moral, yo
stop playing games. stop the illusions. stop hiding yourself. if you are clear and precise in what you want in life. you will be rewarded. there is nothing magic about that, yo

who’s the cutie patootie in photo
she is krystyn lambert. a illusionist out of los angeles, california. 3rd year honor student at university of california. studying philosophy.


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