my seat Selection

a little some sum to think about mid winter …

it seemed like the type of evening to sit on a patio deck and enjoy a beverage or 2. i just finished a day of shopping and garden chores. the shower was going to feel good. after being out all day doing things that seemed to be for the benefit of others. those days do take their toll on your soul. why not treat myself.

shorts, golf shirt & sunglasses in hand and i’m out the door. the usual walk down to the local. the cold air-conditioner hits me square in the face as a shocking reminder to the heat that i’ll greet on the deck. a friendly hello as i walk towards the patio doors. will you be sitting outside tonight. yes, i will be. okay, i’ll bring your drink outside. thank you, that would be nice.

i slide the door open. with a warmth of air a few greetings of laughter and smiling faces awaits. someone pulls a chair away from the table signaling me to join the group. i accept. glancing around, we politely nod our hello’s to each other. my beverage arrives.

from the far table a new voice speaks out. the chair creaks and scraps the deck wood as it is pulled from the table. she stands up. i didn’t have to look around as she was directly in front of me. 2 tables down. my friends knew where i should sit as soon as i walked in. i smiled somewhat bashfully in her direction while thinking about my seat selection. she smiled back … hello!


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