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to our little rendezvous spot …

january 23rd to january 29th | 2012

scenario, yo
ease up on the fibs and white lies. people are effectively affected by your misinformation. signs a person is drifting away from you, they begin to lie, steal & cheat their way out of conversation. you know the person whom drifts towards you when meaningless conversations last forever.

mixology psychology
well, i suppose that just because they asked the question i should of not answered what they wanted me to say. [say that 3x fast] seeing new faces again is always a treat. of course seeing recognizable faces is staggeringly refreshing. going down a new path that leads to where i’ve been before.

lyrics – with a little help from my friends
what would you think if i sang out of tune,
would you stand up and walk out on me.
lend me your ears and i’ll sing you a song,
and i’ll try not to sing out of key.
oh i get by with a little help from my friends,
mmm, i get high with a little help from my friends,
mmm, i’m gonna try with a little help from my friends.

always a surprise to what characters sit down beside you for a chat. people really are so much more alike then not. we shall continue this thought later. love when you arrive back at the local and staff ask what the hell was happening last visit. the public soap opera. it’s when they aren’t around that you miss them the most.

it’s nice to be asked to come along. except when you do a head count and you are surrounded by couples. where is your significant other …

music session – some songs sung
amanda marshall | fleetwood mac | faith hill

this blog and the other blogs related to this site are all viewable on iphone, and blackberry operating systems. read up on the weekly at your local. social media sunday. i wrote lots this week and have plenty more to write today. thanks for the folks who bring the smart phones with them and help look up trivia content to define the conversation.

got myself involved in a couple full-on conversations on the social media front. i don’t even like commenting most of the time. 3 convo’s were about providing constructive information. some people don’t like being corrected publicly. i prefer to converse based on intellect via past experience and knowledge.

gop debates every night – yawn. state of the union – tuesday. arab league nations are calling on syria to change governments. iran is still a mess. how about the italian dude trying to ferrari his cruise ship. folks when guys do stupid things like that – there is always booze and a girl involved. blame them both.

vacation season is upon us. mexico has never been my choice for vacation during the last 15 years. thank god i visited a few places prior to the current wave of violence. lots of great tourist spots for the creative/sport minded. if you are not creative/sport minded – well …

i like to ask staff at the various locals about what educational background they have. most staff are lucky this industry hires folks without proper qualifications. with tighter legislation in the upcoming years proper education and certifications will be required. educate yourself for the future.

lesson – non full-time courses to consider
whmis, first aid, bartender, sommelier, hospitality & service, management, spirits, wine, beer … [i took all these courses & more]

healthy finesse
so, i started going online and tweeting with fitness folk. i have also subscribed to a few gals that are very fitness & health focused. choosing different types of fitness backgrounds helps to broaden the knowledge base. just being a gym rat isn’t enough. i prefer someone with certification and professional training – credentials.

lisa johnson fitness | the sweaty betties |

weather is spectacular. almost to warm for ice fishing. snowmobiling is completely finished for the year before it even began. ski season at local hills is fine with artificial snow. mountains are excellent. running is super easy. some icy spots in the shade. walking is best to get some fresh air.

shop talk
i have learned, listened, asked, quizzed to all ends. i am seeking information on what to buy. i am not hearing the hints. at least i’m not aware of the hints. so, i’m going to have to ask. how is that going to be a surprise when i ask what you want. shopping for someone else is not easy. unless you are giving advice to someone else, everything is easy. so, people find out what styles she likes before you go shopping. and don’t ask her friends because they will just tell her and the surprise is off.

jean-paul gauthier revealed his fall 2012 clothing line. denim jacket for the gals is back. i had the idea of going to buy a denim jacket for her. there was a reason behind the idea. she didn’t like the idea or rather the way i went about it. here are the two options that she never got. will have to try another approach next time.

motor workx
i started on the motorsports blog. will have some content added this week. used the old race car for the header. will have a new car for the  site mascot this year. have a couple ideas of what to buy. went to the motorcycle show. the shows are happening all over the world this time of the year. car shows will be next.

everything seemed to be going okay. she smiled when i arrived. would almost certainly have a beverage ready and poured. coaster under of course. sitting down by the dishwasher you know. i like to keep out of the way. she would bring the glasses over and send them through. water pressure of the sprayer would drown out any salutation we tried to start. when she was happy she would skip to the beat of music. i imagined that was a little skip she would do while holding the hand of a grandparent wandering the malls as a child. i bet her daughter would do the same. it’s sometimes those simple things in life that make someone special. it’s those simple things that only you notice about them. it’s that special something that defines their unique individual complexity. and that’s not simple to explain.

she says … he says
do you think she is bitchy … [long pause] not always.

rendezvous, yo
a random meeting anywhere in the room. just to say hi, maybe a hug. our miniature private time. just whisper [rendezvous over there in 5 minutes] okay …

for bringing the little monkey’s home safely… just a few more to go.

moral, yo
thinking, by placing everyone ahead of yourself is when you begin to lead. being pissed off because you realize you like someone, yo. #lifeDichotomy

funny – a well know comedian was waiting in the green room at nbc studios during the jay leno show. when he saw kate beckinsale he said he became angry because she was so good looking. funny thing was all the female staffers were also pissed off that she was so good looking. i like that …


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