she was Cold

and yet she still won …

january 16th to january 22nd | 2012

scenario, yo
one minute it’s nice, the next 10 days we are living in the arctic. but, the show must still go on. skiing, snowmobiling, skating, boarding and the occasional visit to the local for pub night.

mixology psychology
you will know when she starts to like you. the training will begin. the unusually pleasant compliment becomes a polite disciplinary comment. lets not forget when she casually slips into the conversation a ‘what to do’ comment. icing on the cake is when you actually obey all new given commands. men are easily trained aren’t they.

i must say, that the less frequent of all sessions is those with staff. however, unfortunate for the business to experience a slow night during a freezing blizzard the benefits go beyond. walking over to the local all bundled up just to chat is indeed nice. if you are lucky another neighbor may brave the elements and share a story. neuroanthropology, quantum mechanics, quantum phyisics, philosophy, philanthropy … weather, politics and sports are freebies.

after the festive season and those horrendously long visits with relatives it sure is nice using the social networks to catch up with the other humans in our life. returning messages with far to much information. filling up their inbox with way to many bad photos. telling everyone that we are off on vacay and will send sunburn photos back. ahhhh! the delight of it all, not!

the gop try-outs are falling like flies. iran is acting as dumb as ever. threatening the world. have they thought to ask the people. oh, right the people have no right in iran. russian embassy freaks have skated town after a spy issue on the east coast. pakistan military are taking action against innocent civilians in a violent manner. best news i heard and agree with is from jim o’neil (goldman sachs biggie) that america has to wait out the transition. china’s cost of living and demands are going to bring manufacturing back to america. just wait. everything follows the automobile industry. and the big 3 are leading the way globally. also, oil & gas is not going to be an issue in the new world order.

best training for any position is when you train someone else. your memory of all things becomes heighten and your ability to apply logic is suddenly unexplainable. take leadership in something, you will learn more while helping someone else.

lesson – 1 ounce from a bottle of house booze cost anywhere from a $1.00 to $1.50 before any overhead, mix, garnish, service ….

health finesse
bubble tea sounds interesting. indoor workouts are a must in this weather. how terrible is that. indoors breathing other peoples sweat. why so limited non-alcoholic beverages available. surely not everyone wants to drink pop and water. everything else has caffeine. canned juice is not that exciting. the weather is so dry around here that you have to constantly drink water to replenish your fluids.

a part from the casual walk-about to store and the local, who has been going outside in -30c? the they actually close ski hills and skating rinks for safety reasons. the warmer weather is on the way and the day light is starting to increase this weekend. it usually takes a month after solstice.

have you tried to go shopping for hockey gear, or ski gear, or snowmobile gear? the dealers and retailers are busy with repairs and sharpenings. obviously it’s great for business and kind fun to grab a cup of coffee from the hot stove with two lumps of sugar and powdered cream while chatting up the other locals.

furs, baby. the fur industry in canada and other frozen places of the world is a renewable and farmed industry. down is still the best cold weather insulation for lightweight parkas. but some of us … not all of us live in extremely cold regions. flaky people whom live in the sun belts should not be determining what garments we wear. oil & and gas pollutes and destroys the earths mantle. deforestation takes hundreds of years to grow back. fur and down insulation is farming, folks. like growing wheat, cattle, soy, rice, potatos …

tip – fur and natural hides don’t freeze around the face or hands like synthetic. synthetic materials are toxic in manufacturing and don’t bio-degrade.

like anybody else out there in the modern world, i like to be as environmental transported. self-propelled or nature assisted is my motto. however, by limiting daily usage of motorized vehicles allows me to use gas powered recreational vehicles. snowmobiles are a life line in the arctic and so are atvs. the outboard engine technology of 4-stroke has changed so much. also, dirt bike riding is just way to much.

i straighten out my coat hanging off the back of the chair. stuffed my gloves down one of the sleeves and the toque down the other sleeve. grabbing the front of the stool i jerked forward to gain better elbow position on the bar. reaching for the drink and glass that were timely positioned on top of the coaster, she reached ahead and began the pour. leaving just the right amount in the can. i took a sip.

placing the beverage back on the coaster, i noticed her returning to the stool beside me. i reached around to ensure there was amble room for her to slide onto the seat. bulky winter coats you know. she smiled back in appreciation while jostling with her own winter garments. shortly after, i noticed one of her mitts slipped through one of her sleeves and fell to the floor. i calmly slipped off my seat and reached to pick up the mitt. then her coat fell on top of me. i was thinking about how this honesty is going to look when she turns around and finds me holding her mitt and coat

excuse me, i said – your mitt fell onto the floor and while i went to pick it up, your coat fell off the chair. oh, she said – that is very nice of you to notice. [so, here where is gets strange] instead of placing the coat back on the chair like a normal person. i felt a cold breeze through the room and imagined that after not having the warmth of the coat behind you the breeze would bring a chill. so, i motioned to place the coat over her shoulders. without saying a word she simply reached both hands backwards to guide them into the sleeves. i continue sliding the coat over her shoulders. she turned around and said thank you, i felt a cold breeze. just before i went to sit down, i noticed the mitts had fell out again …

she says … he says.
i’m going to sing the song, come up and join me … okay.

to sarah burke. she was a pioneer. she was a leader. she was a winner. she was a wife. she was a role model. she will not be forgotten.

moral, yo
sometimes it takes a cold winters eve to make the heart warm inside. warmth can make us do weird things. sometimes it’s nice to have someone tell you what is next. it’s almost like a compliment. they trust you to help them get there. she gave warmth to a cold heart.


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