change of Heart

will guide the way …

january 9th to january 15th | 2012

scenario, yo
change of times, change of scenery, change of heart. days are getting longer while your thoughts drift further into the snow banks of time. the first bright day we’ll open the blinds. more light every day helps guide the way!

mixology psychology
how the simpliest things can trigger a negative response. words are the strongest negatives and most harmful. humans being harmful accidentally on purpose. the common denominator of change is consistency. maintaining a constant with life’s changes is your continuity.

song – lulu
those schoolgirl days, of telling tales and biting nails are gone,
but in my mind,
i know they will still live on and on,
but how do you thank someone, who has taken you from crayons to perfume?
it isn’t easy, but i’ll try,

have to change things up a little, don’t we. new year promises and all. promises, promises are not meant to be broken. your input into someone’s life will be broken with those unkempt promises. wandering between a yes, no or maybe so. try placing that on your resume of life and see how things turn out.

networks of life. linking twitter & facebook to bring an interesting viewpoint from different parts of the world together. obviously we have the friends and family along for the ride. much of social media allows for the connection of different viewpoints. want change in your future? try following or friending a health or fitness expert.

the GOP freaks are still putting on a show. syria has got to be solved by the arabs. iran are floating boats purposely in the wrong spot. europe is a mess financially and now the mediterranean is afloat with the world’s navy’s. doesn’t it amaze you that government officials are using military might to kill civilians and potentially inflict even more damage. allow the citizens to vote!

i don’t think there is anything quite as nice as listening to young people and older folk discover education. yes, it’s hard work. but, just wait until life throws a curve ball at you. you can never be over prepared. some folk are re-visiting education via upgrading. even a few are considering finishing off what was started years prior. happy!

health finesse
calorie counting, gluten reduction and gym time. time to change things up a little. start following a few experts in their field about diet changes and exercise programs that stimulate the metabolism. key issues with fitness when you are not familiar … is the extra advice.

lillian’s test kitchen

sarah kay hoffman

angelique kronebusch

holy smoly is it cold out there. all we can say is that we have rounded the corner into the new year and spring will eventually arrive. for this week it’s all about being inside.

shop talk
all retailers must make room for new electronics and clothing. so, if you are looking for something special or just to complete a winter look. go now. everyday the inventory drops and so do the prices. when the snow and cold arrives like is has now … all those little things you didn’t buy are being sold out. what is the deal with couriers from major world wide companies abusing the packages and not warranting the damage. those businesses will go out of business pretty darn fast with that type of customer service.

ever notice the people’s wardrobe around you. hey, look someone has a new coat and boots and jacket and shirt and, and , and … wait a minute, is there something or someone new in your life? something is usually up and it’s usually a positive change. so, expect some teasing.

motorcycle shows are everywhere. have you been yet? have you bought anything yet? sled season finally, ice is cold enough for sledding. a little more snow would be nice. just not on the driveway or sidewalks please.

tip – layaways
important stuff if your are thinking of buying. find your unit and place a deposit on it. your deposit will have terms of refundability and the dealership will explain. 100% refunds are easily negotiated. layaways are important for the dealership to place additional orders and to estimate next years pre-order. you can even place your name on a waiting list. there is always someone waiting to buy what you may not.

when does that heart change. how young are we when our heart’s beat to a different drum. changing rhythm strikes a cord of a melody fresh to the soul. it was after few months of walking by and saying hi. why does she keep doing this, i say. is there something in my way. we are learning the same stuff. i try to keep quiet without a huff or a puff. we are partners again the teacher points out. that’s when i saw her let out a pout. i raised my hand a high as i could. the teacher walked by and asked as they would. yes, you have a question. i was wondering if could partner with her this time [reaching around and pointing unabashedly]. taking a deep breath and waiting the results.

yes, you are right. we should change things up a bit. class … everybody change your partner. my first change of heart … by beat settled.

she says … he says.
what you are wearing matches my outfit … he smiles!

a unexpected ‘how are you’ can be most timely. just say it sometime …

moral, yo
a broken heart is unrepairable. a change of heart is inevitable. a beating heart is our life. sharing a beat is love. love will guide the way, yo!


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