honk your Horn

and you’ll get pissed off …

we get to comfortable in life. we start to forget all the hard work our fore-fathers and mothers laid out for us. hard work ethics are replaced by social media conversions about the problems placed before us. nobody wants to work for anything. they just want to have everything. someone needs to honk the horn of life.

when i’m down at the local, i would often honk the horn just to wake a few sorts up. i am sure we have all had a case of horn honking. parents would do the honking when we were growing up. place the lawn mower outside bedroom window saturday morning after a late night. place the kitchen towel over your shoulder while watching television. do you remember those horn honks?

lets explain further – using actually cars and horns.

you become comfortable walking to work everyday.

in fact you become so comfortable, you forget to look both ways before crossing the road on occasion.

we have driven by the same crosswalk and watched you just walk out without looking both ways.

remember the rule about looking both ways before crossing?

remember the new rule of not texting or talking on the cell phone while walking through intersections?

well today is the day that i stop at the intersection and wait for you to cross in front of the car.

that’s when i will honk the horn.

a pedestrian is in the right of way while walking through the intersections of life.

however, so is the vehicle traveling through a green light before you step out behind that bus.

we stopped, honked, nodded, finger pointed and you got pissed off.

the whole time we met at that intersection of life you never saw me.

the next day, i bet you will stop at the intersection and look both ways.

after you talk to a few friends about horn honking …

several months will pass, before we actually start to nod together.

i like a good horn honking!!


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