Friday the 13th

and the horrors of change …

change can be the scariest thing. most people want things to stay the same. get on a path of comfort & stay the course. all is well until your spouse asks for a divorce, a family member becomes terminally ill, or your child is diagnosed with a life-long medical condition. worst case scenario is your families life is changed because of an unexpected change to your life. change can be horrific.

those people that are comfortable in their course of life consider the act of voluntarily changing a personal trait as horrific. a change for the betterment of yourself will also help others. stop smoking, drinking, swearing or finish high school. get an education so you can contribute to society. learn about health & fitness to reduce the strain on the public health care system. challenge yourself to change.

people will not change because they are having fun in the present. the problem is the present doesn’t last very long. what you do in the present will determine your future. finishing what you start. delivering on promises you made to yourself. how many people have unfinished projects in life. there are a lot of people whom themselves are an unfinished project. only change will correct the problem.

people become embarrassed about their lack of confidence or incomplete personal traits. we seek like minded groups to take solstice in accepting our lack of discovering what we really are capable of being. giving-up should not be rewarded by sharing your mistakes with similar folks. people should be sharing stories about how they solved earlier mistakes of giving-up.

i remember friends with fancy cars and money to spend because they took much of high school off to work. my part-time job was very poor paying but changed the way i think about the retail & customer service industry. that experience was priceless. when i received low marks in math my teachers asked for me to try another route which included 3 more courses. i had no breaks during high school. i had to work at everything while friends earned money and spent their money on things i would of liked. after school i went to work and home again to work on homework. i didn’t give-up.

school taught me to recognize my mistakes and try to solve them. today i always encourage people to finish school. very few people take my advice which i consider a failure on my part to help. i will never give-up on those people. i think many people in their life had given up on them before. it’s sad when you don’t know how to accept help when it’s given for free. because i agree all those changes i had to make were horrific. but, i accepted the help. life should not be a horror story. change will do you good.


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