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what’s your conclusion …

january 2nd to january 8th | 2012

scenario, yo
thinking about resolving or dissolving whatever is revolving around. clean endings create better beginnings. trouble thought solving for future beginnings ends with a plan. what’s your plan ahead?

mixology psychology
sitting ’round & hanging out. listen & learn. it’s free education folks. the art of the deal. holiday plans & weekend get-a-ways. personal advice may just come from the person sitting beside you. may we all become a better man.

lyrics – pearl jam
She lies and says she’s in love with him, can’t find a better man…
She dreams in color, she dreams in red, can’t find a better man…
Can’t find a better man
Can’t find a better man

customer sessions & staff sessions – why not, talk about everything. very special when the staff & customers share stories, jokes and games. resolve is through discussion seeking a common solution. helping people help. share your ideas because someone maybe able to help your dreams come true.

btw- 1971 smoky pub in portsmouth, england. on a napkin two bloaks  drew up the idea of volvo ocean race. 1973 was the first race.

samsung is rocking the smart phone market. samsung creates the dominate processor and screen technology. package that within their own phone and look out apple. btw apple uses their technology. samsung fridge and appliance design is also leading edge … cool. fridge with tv screen and internet connection. stay a home with the kids and check up on pals having a couple down at the local. all good!

gop results are in. bachmann backs out after election in her own state of iowa. italy is hammering the millionaires that are hiding their finances. showing up @ posh ski resorts in supercars and claiming minimal income for yearly taxes. looks like the new government is taking actual governing serious. also, slamming the hospitality industry for not claiming tips and correct receipts.

in class, out of class, without class, classless – what are we today? just one course. just one day at a time. are we learning something new everyday? if you offer to teach someone something – you will often learn more. sadly, people don’t like learning or teaching. always, ask & answer.

1 bottle of liquor – how many ounces? what is that bottle worth at cost, retail and end profit. how many of one brand per week/month?

healthy finesse
sitting at the local … as one does and getting into the conversation about healthy eating. made us think! what if there was a single healthy option on menu for any time of the week. except put on special for weekend afternoons for the sporting crowd. new years resolution for solutions starts with good eating.

tip – steamed chicken breast w/fresh herb & fresh ground. diagonal sliced over steamed long grain basmati rice. broccoli and asparagus spears. serve with lemon or orange wedge. extra virgin olive oil drizzle. option with no-fat yogurt tzatziki dill sauce. #justsayin

btw – did you know that dirt biking is one of the most physically demanding sports. at the highest level of supercross – very few sports match the endurance levels for such a short period of time. so, if you want exercise this year and you are a motorhead – buy a dirt bike.

volvo ocean race has begun. sept 2012 racing for the america’s cup starts and continues to 2013 into the louis vuitton cup and eventually the america’s cup final two competitors meet. san francisco is the host city. who isn’t skating or skiing in this fine weather. we have been hearing motorcycles down at the local. some folks have gone dirt bike riding already.

shop talk
spring fashion has to fill the shelves. retailers in the next few weeks will be discounting merchandise bigger then ever. if you have some extra cash, take advantage of the savings.

atv’s sell all year ’round. what you need to look for is the sled deals and the non-current bikes. dirt bikes sell out fast – so buy now, people. we have noticed through the social media sites that dealers are selling dirt bikes now. dirt bikes sell out very fast.

spring merchandise of all brands in all retailers will be hitting the shelves. missoni is the hot design style the peaked in late 60’s & early 70’s. prints never quite done the same since US retail giant announced missoni was launching a complete line. the product sold out in 24 hours before hitting the selves and the online site crashed. ebay began re-selling items at 2 to 3 times the value.

btw – canada is changing the zellers brand to target.

oakley – lost & found department update.
1 vest, 1 fleece, 1 ball cap, 1 toque, 2 sunglasses

motorcycle shows began this weekend. automobile shows start. spring feels like it’s around the corner, but there still is plenty of winter left.

supercross – ryan villopoto wins first round. phoenix next weekend.

dakar rally – everyone still moving along. too bad the major stations didn’t cover the race. online coverage is pretty good.

everybody seems to take turns qualifying him for her. each creating a short story of life to share with him in efforts to start that first conversation. maybe the next person who goes over will be able to get a little more out. everybody but, the interested party take their turn navigating up and down the questionable alleys of life. changing lanes without signaling your direction only confuses. failing to stop or yield when falling behind in conversation. it becomes a race to qualify this individual before he qualifies someone else. providing imitation trophies before actually starting everything becomes a give-away.

there is only one thing that makes the human race so interesting. it’s the ability to choose what direction you want to go in. it’s finding that individual whom doesn’t want to overtake you. it’s the person that wants to ride along in life beside you. it’s that person who will, without question take over the wheel of life when you lose focus. it is our ability to recognize wear & tear and share with the upkeep.

the human race is what drives us to be together. friends and family become our pit crew. we forget to say thanks to the pit crew when the winning celebrations overwhelm. but, the pit crew knows we can’t do it without them. slow down every once in a while and allow others pass. if you are on the right track, you will catch up and lead another lap. that’s the beauty of the human race.

she says … he says.
hi, my name is …. your name resonates of a favorite garden a child would remember playing in. i like that.

would you like … nope!!

isn’t it nice when folks from the past drop by just to say hello

moral, yo
slow down. what is the rush in life. time goes by so fast as we age. stopping to watch a child grow up is one of life’s great pit stops. try to maintain your new year’s resolution solution, yo!!


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