the serendipity Days

yes, boys and girls, guys & girls, ladies and …

we have a name for our weekly episodes. we also changed the webisode to episode. so, without further ado, yo.

serendipity days down at the local [click] check the weekly episode page

a couple bloaks hanging out talking ’bout girls. doing the guy thing. a couple lady’s hanging out talking ’bout guys. doing the girl thing. it’s all good.

casting will be still sorted out. using names is kinda tough due to various folks thinking you are cross referencing something about them. everybody has a name so eventually names are going to cross paths. so, we may stay simple and use bubby and dude for the first few episodes. even when we know of each others names we still stick to generic nick names. we tried using nick names and people got offended despite it being our nick name. even when we tried to use nick names of nick names we had grumpy people. so, until we sort out the name thing – buddy and dude will be the guys | barbie and doll will be the girls.


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