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december 26th to january 1st | 2011

scenario, yo
all good things come to an end. making some changes for 2012. the majority of the readership is outside of canada. we have very little readership from the local. an ending also creates new beginnings. door closed, door open rule. this is the relationship year.

mixology psychology
we want to increase our younger readership this year. so, we asking some folks for your input. much of the topics discussed are past experience related. a sort of been there, done that script. how cool, for young folk to learn some life lessons by reading our weekly. learning from experience is better for the work environment than life. most of life is unscripted. much of life’s results can be controlled if you are willing to listen & learn. but, who does that any more?

what a busy week. sometimes the week between christmas and new year’s is the craziest. it has to be stressful on the people who don’t get to spend time with the kids, family or friends. missing those loved ones who are no longer with us becomes more difficult every year, not easier. good conversations with some folk who are really hiding the emotional issues this time of year.

social media and technology are the weak links in today’s economy. they also are the driving force of the economy. security issues with social media and tech is solely the responsibility of the individual. your life’s identity is tied to your phone. be responsible.

yeah, north korea is a mess. kim yong jr. is now at the helm. grenada police charged for killing innocent tourist. hugo chavez thinks his cancer stems from toxic technology. fidel castro believes cancer is developed through food. they are both right. depsite being weird, they are right.

how’s school going. we thought it best to add the education topic to the weekly.

we offered to introduce some people to some ambitious kids with the intent the kids would encourage those people to continue with education. we always encourage education. sometimes you only need one course to set yourself on course.

question: 1 keg of beer equals how many pints vs bottles = cost vs revenue vs profit? [us or uk]

healthy finesse
you look fabulous, things must be alright. what’s wrong, why are you uptight. concerning questions we all ask, when we care. external influences effect your internal health. most people turn to fitness because of personal trouble or personal happiness. weird, eh. but, it works. health starts in the mind. think yourself healthy.

karen mcCoy fitness

mighty fine ski weather. have we found any skaters yet. seems like every year there are less skaters. don’t parents take their kids skating. the bob skates and chair sliding around on the ice. buying the first pair of skates with little blade protectors. the skate date is a delight. come on folks go for a skate tonight.

shop talk
here is some tv advice. you can get a 40″ for several hundred dollars less than a 42″/43″ you will not notice the difference in your sitting room. look for these features 1080p – p stands for pixel vs i for interlace. pixel is what you want. 4 x hdmi, audio optics, usb ports, network port. picture mode – sports, movies, games, news all use different processor speeds. lcd is cheaper than led. led is just a back-lit lcd. plasma is slightly thicker, heavier and uses lots of power. shop around once you find your model, style, brand.

what do clothes reveal about us. single, dating, committed, engaged, married or a mixture of any. your wardrobe changes when your personal life changes. our favorite is when similarities of style are noticed between the couple. comfort clothes indicates a personal level of comfort within your life and relationships.

transformers movie scene – the car doesn’t like his new female interest and squirts washer fluid on her.

supercross starts this january and dirt bikes are selling. dirt bikes are limited quantity, folks. you have to get them early despite not being able to ride them. also, how cool is it to watch the races and then go out to the garage and work on your bike.

dakar rally – starts every new years day and runs for the month of january. sad news on first day of rally for a motorcyclist.

their story – it all began as innocent fun and laughter. dancing to their own beat. they only wanted to be with each other. slowly, simulating language and gestures. always, finding ways to touch and be together. it was like they were alone in a crowd. nobody else matter when they were in the room. gifting began and ended all to soon. while, the heart grew fonder their eyes did wonder. formal names replaced pet names. a ballet of independent movement establish space. while, their shadows never touched the light of day. the complexity of simply wanting without asking. it was over before it began. a short time away becomes too long. we think it’s because they belong …

a story – for the 3rd time she walks up to bar – excuse me, could i order here again. noticing the several open spots closer to her seat – absolutely, he says.

love this – when the girl defends off another girl trying to move in on her interest … [now you know]

the story of [click] the end [click]

she says, he says ..
oh, she was talking about you after you left. he likes that …

the reason someone brought or bought you something, is because they were thinking of you when they weren’t with you – that’s nice.

plenty has happened over the course of a year. new friends are what really make the time more livable.

moral, yo
what did you learn about yourself last year that will propel you forward this year. love comes from the most unexpected places. love that lifestyle. a new year begins … cheers, yo!!!


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