sounds of Music


with a slight hand wave of acknowledgement upon arrival he pulled the chair away. lowering his arm allowed his outer coat to slide down. he shakes the sleeve completely off. he continues to lift his other arm from the sleeve while reaching over, allowing the overcoat to be removed and lofted over the chair back. in what seems like another practiced ballet movement of control he slips effortlessly onto the chair while simultaneously jerking it forward.

a beverage is placed before him with coaster slithered timely under. 2 smiles meet, one head nods, the other turns away. reaching for the beverage the hand abruptly changes direction towards the back of the head. motioning from back to front the hand removes the black woolen toque. like an embarassed school boy accidentally caught revealing a family trait to someone of interest, his face reddens.

anticipating a quenching and change of thought he reaches for his beverage while continuing to fidgit with his toque. several sips later, the toque has found a postion of suitable placement. he glances sideways to look outside and watch life pass him by.

excuse me – a gentle voice from inside politely requests his attention – would you like …

his eyes are immediately seeking the origins of this caring person’s nuance, radiating a musical note that resonated so peacefully in his ear. instantly, as though he just awoke from hibernation, he responds with overwhelming clarity … love actually.

stuttering to explain his answer – i would love another beverage, thankyou.

ps. anyone see a black toque


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