gift of Listening

whisper something to me little one …

december 19 to december 25 | 2011

scenario, yo
the season of gift. buying what we are supposed to know from listening – if we could only remember. what, who, wrap, present and repeat next year. sometimes the gift is you. sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have before us. maybe we just need to listen more.

mixology psychology
secret – girls like guys with female interests. guys don’t like girls with male interests. when engaged or with significant other – public displays of affection with opposite members of sex is not a great visual gift. your personal ethics will reflect your work ethics.

lyrics – noël regney
said the king to the people everywhere
listen to what I say
pray for peace people everywhere
listen to what I say
the child, the child
sleeping in the night
he will bring us goodness and light
he will bring us goodness and light

healthy finesse
we tend to present ourselves as how we would like you to see us and not who we are. sometimes we use the wrong wrapping or garnish when presenting our message. sound body & mind reflects a good soul. we wouldn’t be talking to you unless we liked you as you are.

get outside while the weather is great. raise your metabolism up to help with all the food and treats this season. your ability to deal with stress this time of year will be greatly improved with physical exercise. yoga, pilates, swim or run are great mind boosters.

booze can magazine
we like those few folks who seem to know what all the latest & greatest beverage trends are. we like things pretty simple on most occasions but the season does bring out the variety in a cheers.

tv stations just did some great info sessions on champagne and wines. unfortunately, they don’t have direct links to the video.

bcwineries & the tasting room radio are excellent resources.

shop talk
we are still playing around with a few phrases to call this category until our retail site goes public. out & about is out for now. shop talk is in temporarily. we’re thinking that with all the forced shopping we have to do, no one really wants to read or hear anything about shopping. so we’ll end it there.

weather or not
simply been fantastic around north america. you really couldn’t get a better gift weather wise. mother nature must of been listening. south america, africa and europe are looking okay. even asia have started to dry up after the flooding. however, new zealand just had an earthquake again. bad memories from boxing day a few years ago.

how does gingrich & perry get left of the ballot? north korea might be moving in another direction. certainly under a different dictated direction. i just hate seeing those people being held hostage to that creeping family. syrian military killing thousands of innocent people who just want freedom. assad has to go. why aren’t the arab nations solving this mess. 1×1 they will all fall down.

people getting together with recognizable faces, smiling as they remember their last encounter. nicknames evolve as friendships are formed. there are some unbelievable & delightful things that happen in our lives. resisting a relationship for a friendship is like looking a gift horse in the mouth. walking into a room & being greeted is sure heart-warming by a cuppa coffee & cookie.

please read short story

karaoke sociable call-out is completely excellent

girl story – hate when this happens, you have to rush to work after dance and you forgot your denims. you will have to wear the black tights left in your bag. oh, and you forgot your footwear too. you will have to wear the black riding boots in the trunk. look, there is your long black leather overcoat that you have been searching for. this will work just fine today. so, what else could go wrong with the wardrobe. no sooner then spoken, your t-shirt gets torn open – but, not to bad. hope everything looks okay. it’s a hair-up day.

guy story – a lone girl sitting way down towards the other end. wearing a oversize hand-knit sweater from her grandmother. the toque also is hand-knitted and left on her head with ponytail hanging out. mittens flopping out from pocket of large insulated parka draped over the chair back. saying thank you to the server she reaches for the warm cup of coffee with both hands. placing the cup down she reaches for her fog cleared glasses and slips them on. noticing, no ring & naturally manicured hands of an athletic and educated composure. one of her winter boots slips off the stool and instantly like a ballet movement, she confidently regains her foot hold. glancing over, pausing to exhaled my mind wandered to a better place. until – are you listening to me – my accompaniment spoke while poking my arm.  yes, yes …. i am listening.

with a little more snow we can hit the trails with the sleds. right now the mountains are the only place with enough. cottage and farm owners have to go back to the touring sled. why does every farmer have a 150hp mountain sled for plowing through the fields. ask the salesperson what is right for 80% of your use. 2-up touring sled with hitch and you are set for a day ice-fishing. for the price of 1 mountain sled you can have 2 family touring sleds. pulling the grand kids around the yard …

riverside yamaha – 2-up touring sleds in stock. believe me when i say they will be gone fast. 500 fan cooled or 600 is all you need.

alberta cycle – non-current bikes for layaway.

our new motorsport web site will be launching in january 2012

the gals hate when a new gal enters the scene and becomes popular with the guys. guys hate when she runs up to hug and hold the new guy. chance meetings vs purposeful greetings.

i have been listening. i wanted a sign of what gift you would like. you are always giving to others and we are so thankful to have you in our life. so, i have been listening. christmas is the time of giving. i thought it would be an appropriate time to give you my first gift. that’s why i have been listening. the gift wouldn’t come in a box, or wrapped under the tree that’s just not me. it’s the first gift you know. i was listening. i would call you christmas morning as a surprise and ask you for a talk while we go for a walk. i would then give you a second gift to unwrap. unfortunately, you weren’t listening …

please read the perfect gift

people time
remember doing this, back in the day. the re-gifting idea. old boyfriend & girlfriend gifts passed onto others. i guess it’s a way to rid the old memories. proof that you can’t be friends after a breakup.

we returned a sports team jersey because of this rule, which felt terrible by the way. but, rules are rules.

also, it’s not where you sit. but, with whom you are sitting that generates fun.

please read gift of dreams

she says, he says …
what’s your hobby? your interest, your individualism … what defines you being you?

people and friendships are the best gifts a person can have. if you receive a relationship, you must of been listening.

moral, yo
all we wanted when we were young was something to unwrap christmas morning. as we age we just want something for you to unwrap. gifts become more cerebral as we age. simple stuff matters. it’s the thought that counts. listening to those thoughts is our gift.



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