gift of Dreams

gift of dreams

i had a dream last night. when i awoke in the morning and watched BBC news i realized in horror that my dream was a nightmare that came true. i am ashamed of how the reality came to be. however, before i tell more of the story i would like to explain the reasoning behind having such a dream.

firstly, a little background on dreams. dreams are a daily collaboration of your conscious processing the activities in your life. external influences and some osmosis inputs all formulate together while you are sleeping. well, you are not really sleeping. you are in a state of rem or ‘rapid eye moment’. technically you are in the middle state of being awake and sleeping. think of it as borderline subconscious.

so, after awakening from my dream and having a morning brew, i switched onto bbc news. the date today is december, 20th 2011. five days before families get together for christmas. i began watching a journalist do a report from the united states. the feature was about homeless families who travel as nomads looking for work, food and shelter by the day.

here are some of the journalists findings.
without a fixed address the children have no school.
without money they have no health care or insurance.
without money they have no form of transportation.
without money they have poor diets and very little food.
without money the children wear soiled unlaundered clothing for several days.
without money they compete for unoccupied motel rooms after dusk.
without a fixed address they eventually wear out what clothes they have left.
all they have is the love for each other, priceless.

there are plenty of charitable causes that try to provide comfort to these families. the problem is all the charities don’t have enough financial support or household donations. every morning a new lineup forms at the local charity facility. parents competing for a few items donated while others troubled by the morning commute are left without for another day. i had a very difficult time watching this news feature. a mother mentioned that 1 year ago the kids would play in their backyard after school while she prepared the evening meal. she has 6 kids and a husband.

i don’t like greed. i also, don’t like the gamesmanship played out in life or in the political arena when families are having trouble making ends meet. i most certainly don’t like when i am placed in such circumstances by those few. what is happening in the world and so close to home, is simply not right. sometimes it’s the greed in our own backyard that provides the ingredients of a nightmare dream.

so, what happened for this nightmare dream to become a reality. i immediately began to relfected upon all my recent ongoings that may of contributed to this nightmare of a dream. it all began the evening before on dec 19th 2011 while watching a football game and sipping a few with some extra money. money that could of helped a family. while, in my greedy need of entertainment i was suddenly given a football jersey. continuing with some additional ceremonial gamesmanship to which i was unexpectingly rostered, i was asked to slide this oversized garment on. shortly, after the game finished i was awarded a 2nd football jersey. two pieces of clothing while exchanging my extra money for another glassfull. needless greed indeed.

finally, feeling ashamed of my new bounty and spenditure; i realized the game of the night was not about football. so, i removed the 1st jersey and returned it. the 2nd jersey which i won by draw will go to someone in more need than me. i will than match the money spent by dropping it into a salvation army kettle. this will be my gift of dreams.


oh, and the horror; my dream was about being given the gift of love and not being able to return it.


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